Ministry of Justice building, Petty France, London
Airmic welcomes discount rate proposals 2nd October 2017

Ludlow urges government to consider full impact of future policy changes.

RiskTech: Blockchain for commercial insurance: what's the point? 2nd October 2017

Is blockchain going to revolutionise how we do insurance business, or is it just media hype? AIG have recently piloted the first multi-national blockchain insurance programme. Tim Brown and Ariel Berman of AIG believe this could be a glimpse of the future.

"Insurance community has key role in fight against dementia" 2nd October 2017

Jessica Titherington talks to the chair of Insurance United Against Dementia about his mission to raise funds - and awareness - for one of the biggest health challenges facing UK businesses.

4th September 2017

The next big ticket on the annual risk management calendar is the FERMA Risk Management Forum in Monte Carlo. The largest biennial meeting of European risk managers will take place from 15-18 October.

1st September 2017

Insurance is critical for mitigating the impact of cyber attacks, but prevention must start with employees.

1st September 2017

The best controls in the world cannot prevent corporate fraud without a positive culture. Ben Hobby of RGL Forensics argues that businesses should look to the rugby world, and the Home Nations in particular, to understand the power of a united workforce.

1st September 2017

With almost half of risk managers surveyed by Airmic admitting they struggle to articulate the business value of insurance, JLT Specialty has delved deeper into how risk professionals can better demonstrate their strategic importance.

1st September 2017

The former head of cybercrime at the National Crime Agency, Dr Jamie Saunders, talks to Jessica Titherington about why businesses must take up the fight against cyber criminals.

1st September 2017

New fastTrack chairman aims to revitalise and expand its offering

1st September 2017

Organisations are ignoring their duty of care if they do not give due consideration to the serious implications of psychological distress in the aftermath of a major crisis, trauma psychologist Dr Noreen Tehrani warns in an interview with Jessica Titherington.

1st September 2017

Accidents during team bonding activities can have serious ramifications, but most businesses are unclear of their legal responsibilities. Robert Beesley of XL Catlin explains.

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29th September 2016

Exhibition stands for the 2017 Airmic conference in Birmingham are now on sale to non-sponsors, the association has announced. The exhibition hall is one of the highlights of the annual Airmic conference, offering delegates networking opportunities, food and drink and entertainment.

1st November 2016

Changes brought about by the Insurance Act 2015 in relation to basis clauses, warranties and other terms may have the knock-on effect of seeing the increased use of conditions precedent in policy wordings.  Paul Lewis and Laura Moorhead of Herbert Smith Freehills LLP exp

24th June 2016

Airmic sent top-level Brexit guidance to members EU within hours of the referendum result being known, commenting that the decision “must now surely feature on the list of principal risks for most organisations."

Georgina Oakes - Research and development manager, Airmic
30th January 2017

The right corporate culture not only creates a better risk environment, it has clear financial benefits. Georgina Oakes, research and development manager at Airmic, explains that the risk manager should be at the heart of change.

1st May 2016

Airmic’s new website will be live in time for the annual conference with a different look and feel, greater ease of use, more member focus and compatibility with tablets and smart phones.

30th September 2015

Airmic has announced the first details of next year’s fastTrack Forum, a one-day conference for people new to the risk profession.

5th January 2015

David Gamble, principal of the Airmic Academy and former executive director of the association, has received an award in recognition of his lifetime contribution to Airmic.

30th September 2015

Tickets are selling fast for the Airmic Annual Dinner, the social highlight of the risk management calendar.

30th June 2015

Airmic has released a step-by-step guide to managing reputational risk and laid the foundations for increased insurance cover for losses incurred as a result of reputational damage.