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17th July 2024

Airmic members playing an increasing role in the climate transition.

11th July 2024

Climate transition is a complex topic: Airmic

4th July 2024

Society now trusts scientists the most, compared to governments, businesses or the media, 38% of Airmic members surveyed said in this week’s Airmic Big Question. No respondent said society trusts governments the most today.

26th June 2024

The volatility in voters’ choices in the upcoming UK general election will be greater than in the previous one in 2019, 84% of respondents in this week’s Airmic Big Question survey said.

19th June 2024

But many not expecting major changes in policy.

12th June 2024

But most still unperturbed by rise of far right.

4th June 2024

The Airmic Excellence Awards are now an established part of the UK and Ireland risk management scene. Awards will be granted for outstanding achievements in risk management, risk financing, service to the profession or to Airmic, or a contribution to the wider society in which we all live and work.


New for 2024 is that Airmic Partners, as well as Airmic Members, are invited to submit nominations.



3rd June 2024

Reinforces the belief that its digital infrastructure will be the catalyst for global innovation


Solution to the ‘broken’ renewal process signals transformational benefits for the $1TN global commercial insurance industry, with the potential to dramatically reduce renewal times and improve data quality.

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