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Airmic Conference 2023

Registrations are now open!

Shape the Climate Transition Together:

Airmic’s annual survey this year focuses on the climate transition and the risks and opportunities for organisations.

Navigating geopolitical risk

Airmic-Chartered IIA report: building resilience in a challenging world.

Risk culture: Survey report

Global research with ACCA and PRMIA on preventing governance failures.

Ukraine crisis: Airmic resource page

Airmic resource page – regularly updated, Airmic seeks to provide a risk radar to keep you informed on the crisis and the sweeping implications it is bringing to businesses and organisations in the UK and around the world.

Learning with Airmic

Airmic offers a series of over 60 sessions and additional learning opportunities throughout the year. Whether new to your role, or established and looking to refresh your skills, Airmic has a number of sessions available to you.

Find an Airmic Partner

Whether you're looking for an insurer, legal services, claims handler or risk management service provider, we've curated a list of top companies to help you with whatever you need.

Browse our marketplace page and use the filters to find the company you need to solve your problems.

Airmic mentoring scheme

Airmic's mentoring scheme is perfectly designed to help members develop their professional skillset, network with peers, and learn new skills and techniques to improve and grow in their careers.

Take the ARM qualification with The Institutes

The Institutes’ Associate in Risk Management (ARM™) designation provides practical and relevant risk management skills and knowledge to help you fill knowledge gaps, gain credibility and confidence, and broaden your risk management perspective.

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