Airmic is the association for everyone who has a responsibility for risk management or insurance in their organisation.
The 2021 Conference returns as a physical event, 5-6 October, Brighton

Save the date, 5-6 October, registrations will open at the end of July for the 2021 Airmic Conference which will be held in Brighton.

Airmic membership referral scheme

Airmic is pleased to launch the new membership referral scheme. We work hard to provide our members with great value and excellent resources, and we want to spread this with others across the industry. One of the best ways for others to learn more about Airmic is from experiences of membership and the new referral scheme aims to reward members for spreading the word.

Terrorism Risk Insurance

The threat of terrorism is constantly evolving. Terrorist attacks, now regarded as a foreseeable risk, can result in human casualties, property damage, business interruption, legal liability issues and long-term damage to brands and reputations. Organisations also need to ensure corporate governance and duty of care responsibilities are integral to their crisis management strategy.

2021 Airmic fastTrack Forum

The 2021 fastTrack Forum on 8 July saw members join for a half day of live streamed workshops, seminars and other sessions. Recordings and presentations will become available soon.

Learn and develop with Airmic

Airmic offers a series of over 60 sessions and additional learning opportunities throughout the year. Whether new to your role, or established and looking to refresh your skills, Airmic has a number of sessions available to you.

Airmic mentoring scheme

Airmic's mentoring scheme is perfectly designed to help members develop their professional skillset, network with peers, and learn new skills and techniques to improve and grow in their careers.

Coronavirus resources

A year after the UK went into its first lockdown, Airmic continues to serve the risk and insurance community as a virtual association. We continue to provide additional technical and practical updates on navigating the current unprecedented times and looking at implications for the future. Click here for details of our online programme of webinars, podcasts, education, events and other member services.

Airmic news

Each month we keep our members up to date with the latest news from the industry. From guidance which breaks down the barriers to using technology to the fullest, upcoming changes in laws and regulations that may affect you, to photos and videos of events that have recently taken place.

Take the ARM qualification with The Institutes

The Institutes’ Associate in Risk Management (ARM™) designation provides practical and relevant risk management skills and knowledge to help you fill knowledge gaps, gain credibility and confidence, and broaden your risk management perspective.

Airmic members receive 20% off course materials.

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Whether you're looking for an insurer, legal services, claims handler or risk management service provider, we've curated a list of top companies to help you with whatever you need.

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