Become a member of Airmic and join a community of professionals who are driving the transformation and change of our profession.

Published on Wed, 28/02/2024 - 16:20

As an Airmic member, you will find answers to support your professional development through accessing the collective experience and knowledge of other members, taking part in unique learning opportunities and events designed for you, and engaging in discussions where you can develop your knowledge and skills as part of our growing and vibrant community of 2,000 inspiring professionals.

Is Airmic for you?

YES - if you are involved managing risk or insurance for your organisation. This includes risk management and insurance roles, as well as related areas including technology, finance, internal audit, health and safety, people, and law.

What benefits are there for me in joining Airmic?

Over 450 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours are available every year.

We have regular face to face events supported by easy to access virtual sessions, regular publications and communications with news and views contributed by experts including other Airmic members.

Want to know the detail?

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in our profession, there is something for you!

  • Events
    • The UK Annual Conference
    • The Captives Forum
    • The Dublin Conference
    • The Risk Forum
  • Communities 
    • Organised Locally   
    • Organised by Subjects and Sectors
  • Learning
    • Tailored programmes for all stages of your professional journey
    • Trips to interesting businesses involved in leisure and industry
    • Access to the Airmic Mentoring Scheme
  • Technical
    • Publications and reports
    • Friday Reading of curated topical research and information
    • Airmic News full of topical opinion pieces and views
    • Archives for your personal research

Are there any hidden extras?

NO - Airmic membership includes all membership benefits, enabling you to budget for the development needs of you and your team.

And the more who join from your organisation, the less per head it costs.

MEMBERSHIP TYPE                                           2023/24 Annual Cost
One person                                                          £545 + VAT
Two persons                                                         £1,040 + VAT
Three persons                                                      £1,480 + VAT
Four persons                                                        £1,865 + VAT
(Four members from the same organisation)                             
Five persons                                                         £2,195 + VAT
(Five members from the same organisation)
Corporate plus                                                       £2,470 + VAT
(Six or more persons)
Charity                                                               £165 + VAT

Want to know more – want to join?

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