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Airmic delivers a wide range of Live and On Demand learning opportunities throughout the year, tailored for different career stages and as outlined in Airmic's Professional Journey.

Airmic has upgraded its webinar platform! Starting from the end of March 2024, all our webinars will now be hosted on Livestorm. This change aims to improve your user experience by providing a streamlined interface. Livestorm offers seamless accessibility through web browsers, ensuring compatibility across all devices and operating systems without requiring any additional downloads or plugins.

Please refer to the helpful User Guide for instructions on how to join and participate in webinars.

Live sessions are listed below and on the calendar to the right. On Demand sessions covering a wide range of topics can be found in the Library section of the website.

Airmic runs a blend of online and face to face sessions. Where workshops are to be delivered online, these are marked as ONLINE in the list below. All other sessions will be face to face sessions. All sessions can be registered for by clicking on the link for the relevant session.

Sessions and events from Airmic with a specific insurance focus and accredited by the CII are indicated below against relevant sessions under 'More Info'.

Next Session:

CPD hours available
Tuesday, 18 June, 2024 - 10:00

Multinational companies are increasingly using EB captives to meet their people agendas. In this session we will cover how they are doing it, what needs they are meeting, and the impacts both on the business and employees.

Future Sessions:

CPD hours available
Thursday, 27 June, 2024 - 09:00

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, artificial intelligence plays a pivotal role in driving innovation across various industries. However, with innovation comes the responsibility to ensure ethical practices are upheld in the development, deployment and use of AI systems. This event aims to provide leaders with a comprehensive understanding of the ethical considerations surrounding AI technologies and the necessary strategies for navigating these complexities effectively.

CPD hours available
Wednesday, 24 July, 2024 - 09:00

Walking the roads of digital transformation is not an optional choice for any organisation - it is critical. Advances affecting customer experience, revenue and cost are increasingly compelling and shape how risk professionals can engage intensely with the strategic, tactical and operational transformation ambitions of organisations.

CPD hours available
Wednesday, 4 September, 2024 - 09:00

In the digital age, ensuring the security of data, protecting privacy, and managing cyber security risks have become paramount. This Masterclass delves into the intricate intersection between artificial intelligence, data privacy and cyber security, equipping participants with the knowledge and tools to charter an effective course for their organisation through this complex and developing area.

CPD hours available
Wednesday, 25 September, 2024 - 09:00

The world of work is changing more dramatically than ever before with a range of factors transforming the work people do, how they work and where they work. Within this context, organisations continue to grapple with both existing and new challenges regarding effective people management to ensure that employees remain engaged and productive.

CPD hours available
Wednesday, 16 October, 2024 - 09:00

Designed to equip leaders with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to steer their teams and workforce through the changing nature of the workplace increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence technologies, this Masterclass will explore the complex relationship between AI and the future of work including its impact on various industries, job roles and employee well-being.

CPD hours available
Wednesday, 13 November, 2024 - 09:00

Artificial intelligence is already playing a transformative role in the insurance industry. Through discussion, participants will delve into the various applications, challenges and opportunities that AI presents within the insurance sector.

CPD hours available
Wednesday, 20 November, 2024 - 09:00

With ESG issues continually on the rise, every organisation and Board needs to be aware of the risks associated with poor governance and/or an inability to grasp opportunities to improve its environmental and social credentials with all stakeholders. This context presents a challenge for risk professionals moving from backstage to the spotlight.


Airmic promotes and supports the planning, undertaking and subsequent recording, of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Airmic activities offer a range of opportunities to undertake structured and unstructured CPD designed to help professionals build confidence and credibility, adapt to change through continuous skill development, increase productivity, and focus on relevant training and development to support career goals and address gaps in experience, skills and knowledge.

Subject to the CPD scheme an individual belongs to, many Airmic activities are eligible for CPD hours and points, and we would recommend hours are logged accordingly to present as CPD evidence should it be needed to. Wherever possible, Airmic will highlight the potential CPD hours / points available against its relevant activities

Learning Brochure 2024
Airmic Leadership Masterclass Series

A Masterclass Series designed specifically for members holding senior roles in their organisations and wanting to explore the very latest thinking on leadership with peers at five events across the year.

fastTrack Programme

A series of online sessions from experts in their field, designed for those in the first four years of their career (although open to all Airmic members) in order to provide a fundamental understanding of, and key competencies in, the principles of risk and insurance management.

Endorsed Learning Providers

Providers of insurance and risk training endorsed by Airmic.

Business Excellence Programme

A programme designed for the risk professional who is ready to use a foundation of qualifications and experience to move them forward to the next stage of their career.

Airmic LIVE

Airmic runs a series of regular online webinars that explore the latest news and thinking on key emerging topics throughout the year. Scheduled Airmic LIVE sessions can be found in the list of Future Sessions on this page.

Field Trips

Free to members, Airmic Field Trips are designed to offer members the opportunity to experience the work of organisations pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Airmic Mentoring Scheme

Airmic's mentoring scheme is perfectly designed to help members develop their professional skillset, network with peers, and learn new skills and techniques to improve and grow in their careers.

Affiliated Programmes

Airmic is proud to work with selected affiliated providers delivering programmes relevant to Airmic members. Airmic has been able to secure discounts for members where possible.

Climate Risk Management School

In partnership with AXA Climate Airmic has launched the online AXA Climate Risk Management School learning programme as an exclusive member benefit.