NEW Learning Brochure

Published on Wed, 02/08/2023 - 11:43

Welcome to Airmic Learning!

At Airmic, we’re delighted to launch our new Learning brochure, showcasing the wide range of learning opportunities for members at every stage of their career.

Amongst a range of important member benefits, Airmic provides educational and continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for its members to enable them to remain current, future-fit, and to make better-informed decisions about risk and insurance. As a result, we have seen our members step up as business partners to support their organisations at a tactical, operational and strategic level, resulting in the ability to add value, enhance credibility and grow influence in their organisations.

Complementing Airmic’s wider range of events, communities, and technical ‘know-how’ resources, members can choose from a blend of in-person face-to-face workshops, field trips, and development programmes, live and on-demand webinars, and wider digital learning options.

Conveniently highlighting the different learning opportunities available in one place, the new brochure explains the purpose of each, who they’re for, how they align with the Airmic Professional Journey, and how to book/register.

You can download the Learning brochure here -

We hope that you find the brochure of interest and a source of inspiration for meeting your current and future professional development needs.

Adam Ireland

Head of Learning, Airmic