Special Interest Groups


Risk and insurance are two highly networked and interconnected industries. To tackle problems as minute and intricate, or as large and imposing as we face, we know we succeed only through working and learning together. That is why we believe that our industries work best through the formation of communities.

Airmic’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are led by the membership, which is at the heart of our organisation, and aim to form communities to share experiences, learn and let creativity thrive. They can be formed around a theme, a line of business, a risk, or even simply an industry, whose members want to come together and exchange.

Here members can draw from theory and develop practical applicability to mitigate risk, or sometimes just network and brainstorm with colleagues to change the way we think and expand our professional horizons.  

Whichever is your need - we are confident the SIGs will make you feel part of a broader community. If you would like to get in touch and join a meeting, or even host one yourself, please contact alex.frost@airmic.com or leigh-anne.slade@airmic.com


Upcoming SIGs next month (December 2021)

  • 2nd December 11.00–1.00pm – Water special interest group : The power of parametrics: Adapting to a changing climate
  • 3rd December 12.00–1.30pm – Enterprise Risk Mangement: How to Nail Climate Risk