Interest Groups

Airmic members are able to meet and discuss topical issues and share experiences through our Industry and Focus groups.

Industry Groups

Managed by Airmic members, industry groups bring together individuals working with the same industry. The following groups are active:

An interactive forum for individuals working within the water industry. Presentations cover crisis management and specific case law affecting the industry.

Risk and insurance managers working across the retail sector meet to share best practice and discuss recent claims trends.

A large group of members who meet regularly to discuss the impact of market hardening, lease issues and development ion Flood Re and Pool Re.

Members from a wide variety of financial institutions, meet twice a year to discuss issues such as the market environment and the impact of the new Insurance Act

Focusing on the insurance and risk issues affecting the Charity Sector specifically. Recent meetings have looked at the Goddard enquiry and travel risk mitigation in high risk regions

We also have a large number of members in the following industries.

  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Food & Drink
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Legal and Business Support
  • Media, IT and Telecoms
  • Power
  • Transportation

If you would like to set up a meeting with any of the above contact Georgina Wainwright

Focus Groups

Managed by Airmic, these groups provide the opportunity for members to discuss challenges they face with both other risk managers and representatives from the Insurance market. The following groups are currently active:

Risk and insurance managers from all industries meet to discuss risk mitigation for a range of territories, and the changing threat of terrorism

Covering the changing nature of risk, and the global business trends that will disrupt the industry.

The cyber group will launch in 2015 and bring together Airmic members and representatives from the market to tackle the problem of understanding and providing effective solutions for cyber risk

The claims groups bring together Airmic members, insurers, brokers and other specialists to prepare guidance on best practice in claims handling

Captive owners and interested parties meet to consider regulations, structures and domiciles and other relevant development affecting captives

Airmic brings members, insurers and brokers to discuss the complexity involved in purchasing relevant business interruption cover, and how this can be improved.