Airmic in Edinburgh

Published on Mon, 01/07/2024 - 11:16

Great things happened when we worked together to consider Tomorrow’s Risks Today.

Airmic’s Purpose is to champion the societal and strategic value of risk management and insurance in a changing world. This was at the heart of the annual Airmic conference – when people with diverse skills and experience meet and collaborate, it leads to the exchange of unique perspectives and ideas.

We welcomed almost 2,000 delegates through the Edinburgh conference centre’s doors to enjoy an experience that was “sharp, focused and did not pull punches on critical issues in this disrupted world. We achieved significant impact, opening minds to the new realities as they develop far faster than most  can imagine”. These are not my words, but those of one our delegates, and I think they sum up the event experience perfectly.

Whilst our world is a miracle of increases in productivity with a phenomenal increase in productivity over the last 25 years, the miracle does not benefit all, and the miracle is slowing down. The world therefore needs the benefits of new technology, it needs to do better at managing climate change, and it needs to do better in building back some of the stability we have enjoyed but have started to lose.

Risk management and risk financing as strategic change enablers have never been more important.
Airmic is more than a conference. And whilst I promise a fabulous and inspiring June 2025 conference in Liverpool, Airmic operational and strategic objectives will remain focused and packed with relevant subjects, delivered through various media, innovative online and in person learning, events which are timely and relevant – fuelled by thought leadership which will continue to blaze a trail. 

We will listen and respond with agility!