Social media policy

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Which social media websites do we use?

You can find us on TwitterLinkedIn and YouTube. Members can also add comments to our website articles.

These accounts and our website are managed by our marketing team. You can contact us through the social networks or our website. We welcome your thoughts, comments and questions.

Airmic posts

We aim to post content regularly. How often you receive that content is dependent on how often you log into your account and how much you interact with it.

Our posts are for general guidance only.

Following us

To always get the latest news and advice, we encourage you to follow or like us although we may not automatically follow you back. Being followed by us is not an endorsement of any kind (or anything to be alarmed by.)


We will monitor accounts regularly from the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. We do not reply to all comments and posts although we do try to respond to all questions directed at us.

Your posts, @mentions and direct messages

We welcome feedback and comments and we want to keep discussion as open as possible. However, please abide by our house rules.

House rules

  • Do not post comments or questions about your own membership, such as subscription queries. To protect your privacy, we are unable to answer specific customer service questions this way.
  • Please keep comments relevant to the subject being discussed.
  • Do not reveal any of your own personal details or those of others including names, private addresses, phone numbers or other details.
  • Make sure that your post is factually correct and legal bearing in mind copyright and intellectual property legislation.
  • Make sure that your post isn't defamatory, malicious, threatening, abusive, discriminatory, offensive or invades a person's privacy.
  • Do not incite hatred based on race, religion, gender, nationality or sexuality or other personal characteristics.
  • Do not post advertising spam including any commercial endorsement, promotion of any product, service or publication.
  • Do not use language which is offensive or provocative. This not only includes obvious swear words and insults (including using asterisks or other symbols to replace letters), but any language to which people reading it could reasonably take offence.
  • All comments must comply with the sites own standard terms and conditions.

If you see a post that you feel doesn't abide by our house rules, please report it using the website's report function.

Airmic reserves the right to remove comments and to suspend the ability to comment at any time without explanation.