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Governance, regulation risks pose varied threats to organisations 8th July 2020

Organisations face extremely turbulent times, both economically and geopolitically. Risks in relation to governance, laws and regulation continue to raise a significant level of concern for risk professionals and their organisations.

The geopolitics of the COVID-19 pandemic 8th July 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic is primarily a problem of human health, it has carried inevitable consequences for geopolitics and domestic politics. After all, geopolitics is about how businesses sit within the economy, policy and geography, and the impact that events like pandemics have on this relationship.

COVID-19 risks kicking the climate can down the road 8th July 2020

As The Economist put it, "following the pandemic is like watching the climate crisis with your finger jammed on the fast-forward button". The pandemic and the climate crisis have a number of similarities. They are no respecter of borders. They are low frequency/high impact catastrophic risks that do not tend to feature highly on the risk registers of most businesses.

Meet Airmic's new Chair: Tracey Skinner 8th July 2020

Tracey Skinner, Group Insurance Director for BT Group Plc, has been appointed the new chair of the Airmic board for the following 12 months.

Board reshuffle presents opportunities for new members 8th July 2020

It's that time of the year when Airmic welcomes a new Chair and deputy, and members interested in joining the board will have the opportunity to apply later in the year.

First look at Airmic Fest now online 8th July 2020

Airmic Fest, the UK's largest ever risk and insurance virtual conference, will be held 22 - 24 September, and members can now get a first look of the programme and knowledge streams.

Lloyd's outlines pandemic recovery and resilience solutions 8th July 2020

Airmic has welcomed proposals put forward by Lloyd's that aim to fast-track the global economic and societal recovery from the far-reaching impacts of COVID-19.

Captive market grapples with COVID-19, new opportunities for utilisation 8th July 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has presented a number of challenges to the captive industry, including the inability to hold in person board meetings, but the alternative risk transfer tool has never been more relevant to corporate insurance buyers.

Airmic Talks: How valuations are changing and how to be prepared 8th July 2020

Insurance companies are taking a more pro-active approach to conducting valuations and risk professionals need to be aware and prepared, according to Rebecca Fuller, Head of EMEA and Managing Director for Fixed Asset Management & Insurance Solutions.

Insurance and the Coronavirus - Shaping the future 8th July 2020

As lockdown starts to ease and the number of Coronavirus infections in Europe reduces, working from home remains a necessity. While the full impact on companies is yet to be revealed, they continue to find ways to operate. In the insurance industry, as in other financial service sectors, the wonders of technology can help us to stay in touch with colleagues and clients, to complete our work, to sustain a high level of service, and to maintain some human connection (on screen at least).

Using technology to thrive in the post-COVID world 8th July 2020

If anyone doubted the importance of digital transformation to business, COVID-19 has underlined that reality with a vengeance.

Trust and reputation remain top risks 8th July 2020

COVID-19 has forced businesses and organisations to battle to maintain operational continuity under some of the tightest restrictions our society has ever seen. Despite this, trust and reputation are still increasingly high on the agenda, as consumers continue to have high expectations of brands, finding many corporate transgressions unacceptable.

14th May 2020

Two years after the the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force, Airmic has published a white paper outlining the actions taken so far, lessons learnt and a checklist for risk professionals.

Paulo Laurentis, FM Global
14th May 2020

Author: Paolo Larentis, Senior Engineering Risk and Nat Haz Specialist, FM Global.

14th May 2020

Following the announcement from the government last weekend we now begin the complicated and challenging task of getting ‘back to work’.  For some this means implementing new ways of working for others it means the planning starts in earnest now.

Ben Hobby, Partner, Baker Tilly
14th May 2020

The cyber threats arising from a growing work-from-home global workforce was addressed in an Airmic LIVE webinar on 27 April, by Ben Hobby, Partner and Bernard Regan, Head of Forensic Technology at Baker Tilly - a leading forensic advisory firm and Airmic partners.

Alex Frost is Airmic's new market development manager
14th May 2020

Airmic has appointed Alexander Frost as its new market development manager, in a role that will see him work closely with the Association’s members and partners.

14th May 2020

Many industrial or commercial facilities have had to shutdown as the outbreak brings a halt to operations. However, risks, and the potential for losses, still remain, even when sites are idle or largely unoccupied.

14th May 2020

Respected author and strategist Michele Wucker is the latest guest of the Airmic Talks podcast, discussing Gray Rhinos and the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

14th May 2020

The UK’s risk and insurance community are being invited to attend the first Airmic Fest, expected to be the biggest ever online risk management event in the United Kingdom.

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5th March 2018

Christopher Bourdaire of Sovos | FiscalReps

1st November 2016

Changes brought about by the Insurance Act 2015 in relation to basis clauses, warranties and other terms may have the knock-on effect of seeing the increased use of conditions precedent in policy wordings.  Paul Lewis and Laura Moorhead of Herbert Smith Freehills LLP exp

30th November 2016

Although Theresa May has said that "Brexit means Brexit", there is still a huge amount of uncertainty and debate about what it will actually look like. Ben Waterton of Arthur J. Gallagher urges risk managers to act now.

29th November 2016

Cyber-attacks have become a fact of business life and being unprepared is no excuse. Sarah Hewitt of Arthur J. Gallagher offers advice on what an effective breach response plan should look like.

1st May 2016

Airmic’s new website will be live in time for the annual conference with a different look and feel, greater ease of use, more member focus and compatibility with tablets and smart phones.

30th June 2015

Airmic has released a step-by-step guide to managing reputational risk and laid the foundations for increased insurance cover for losses incurred as a result of reputational damage.

30th June 2015

Policyholders should be willing to pay higher insurance premiums for contract certainty, according to an Airmic report on the importance of business-critical insurance launched at its annual conference.

31st July 2013

Airmic has set up the fastTrack scheme to give young risk managers help with their careers. It is also open to more experienced members who have taken on new roles. Fifty five people have so far expressed an interest in taking part. More

3rd November 2014

fastTrack’s deputy chair talks to Airmic News about its first one-day forum Developing Tomorrow’s Risk Leaders.