At this year’s conference, leading commercial property insurer FM Global will be launching its new European Resilience on Tour truck. 2nd June 2023

Building on the company’s engineering and data-driven approach to risk management, the truck will provide an interactive look into innovative solutions for some of the most pressing property and business continuity risks that organisations face today. This includes information on how to manage climate risk – one of the most pressing risks for businesses across the planet.

First secure client-facing ‘open banking’ infrastructure for insurance clients to launch at AIRMIC 2nd June 2023

Robert Bartlett, Co-Founder and CEO, Big Ticket, considers how shared data can help clients and the industry to innovate and cut costs.

Reframing the Risk Calculus for Insurance of Nation- State Cyber Attacks 2nd June 2023

Newly launched cyber underwriter Intangic MGA has developed CyFi™ the industry’s first parametric policy to offer public corporations fast recovery from the material impact of cyber threats.

When is a cause a proximate cause? 5th June 2023

A recent case has considered whether property damage caused by the controlled detonation of a World War II bomb was “occasioned by war”. If it was, the damage would be excluded from cover by the operation of a war exclusion clause under a property damage and business interruption policy (the Policy).

Supply chain sustainability – what’s coming up the line 2nd June 2023

Global businesses, regardless of their sector, are experiencing increasing pressure and scrutiny from stakeholders and regulators to show that they understand and have a grip on sustainability-related issues.

Should businesses start preparing for Martyn’s Law? 2nd June 2023

The government recently published the draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, which will require publicly accessible premises to increase efforts to mitigate against terrorism risk.

Directors’ and Officers’ liability survey 2023 2nd June 2023

In this volatile economic environment, it is more important than ever to consider where your fellow directors and risk managers see the pressure points and what liabilities are concerning them the most.

CMA launches initial review of artificial intelligence models 2nd June 2023

The CMA is opening an initial review of competition and consumer protection considerations in the development and use of AI foundation models.

Artificial Intelligence: how to get it right 2nd June 2023

As the hype and media chatter around Artificial Intelligence grows, organisations and boards are increasingly facing questions regarding the impact of this emerging technology and how best to prepare for it. 

Reality check 7th June 2023

Deborah Ritchie chats to artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT, about climate change, risk management, the recent ban on the use of the tool in some firms, and the potential risks for companies that fail to embrace artificial intelligence tools.

Allianz publishes their annual Safety and Shipping Review 2023 2nd June 2023

Shipping losses hit a record low in 2022, but a jump in fires, shadow tanker fleet and economic uncertainty pose new safety challenges.

Reinsurance Insight 2023 2nd June 2023

Not long to go now until this year's Reinsurance Insight, which will highlight the latest developments and challenges in the world of reinsurance and the opportunities for capital in a disrupted reinsurance market. The event features two panel sessions which will demonstrate how Guernsey is perfectly placed to deliver solutions in a capital constrained world and celebrate 25 years since the launch of the Protected Cell Company.

Funding net zero projects: new approaches for access to capital 2nd June 2023

Organisations around the world are making strides toward a pressing environmental goal: achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the decade. But with a 2030 deadline to slow the progress of global warming, many are facing challenges in securing the capital they need to implement green technology or other climate-conscious practices

Captive solutions for uncertain geopolitical times 2nd June 2023

AXA XL has bound its first political violence cover with a captive insurer, helping companies find innovative risk transfer solutions for an unpredictable geopolitical landscape.

What next for China and the West? 4th May 2023

Airmic LIVE webinar with world leading China experts

Unlocking the World of Captive Insurance :The Guernsey International Insurance Management Course for Risk and Insurance Managers 2nd June 2023

This course will be of keen interest to all Risk and Insurance Managers wishing to understand Captive Insurance.

International Underwriting Association (IUA) Professional Indemnity Forum Test 2nd June 2023

The IUA Professional Indemnity Forum (PIF) Test is an introductory training module designed for Professional Indemnity Insurance practitioners to improve their knowledge base and understanding of the main Professional Indemnity classes of business, the common issues arising in respect of drafting and understanding policy provisions, and the key legal concepts relevant to the market.

Risk Reimagined: The practical skills you need today, so you can lead tomorrow 2nd June 2023

The Institutes’ Associate in Risk Management (ARM™) designation provides practical and relevant risk management skills and knowledge to help you fill knowledge gaps, gain credibility and confidence, and broaden your risk management perspective.

Celebrating our member’s achievements! 2nd June 2023

Celebrating our member’s achievements!

A round of applause for Our Climate Risk Management School Graduates.

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