Explained: Four key aspects of insurance and risk management

Published on Wed, 22/06/2016 - 11:37

Airmic has published short guides to four important areas of risk management. Although valuable as introductions for inexperienced risk and insurance managers, they also contain a wealth of information and insights that make them relevant to all levels of member, as well as for other business stakeholders who have an interest in these subjects. These might, for example, include HR, finance and legal.

The guides are -

“These exceptionally high-quality guides provide a basic grounding in key areas of insurance and risk management, but will also prove valuable for professionals who already have a sophisticated understanding of these subjects and work at more strategic levels,” said Airmic deputy CEO Julia Graham. “We believe that reading them will support our members in their discussions at board level, and help them to use the heightened awareness of risk among senior executives to raise their presence within their organisations.”

The four guides were produced by Airmic with extensive help from partner organisations and other stakeholders, as well as some senior members.