Airmic members can become pioneers of risk management certification

Published on Wed, 31/08/2016 - 09:48

Airmic members who attend the FERMA Seminar in Malta on Monday 3 October can be among the first risk managers to qualify by examination for FERMA’s European risk management certification, rimap®.

Only 30 seminar delegates who meet the application requirements will be eligible to take the examination in Malta. There is no extra cost to joining this exclusive group as the application fee is included in the seminar participation fee.

Airmic deputy CEO and technical director, Julia Graham, has been closely involved in the development of rimap especially during her time as president of FERMA. She said: “FERMA has been the first organisation to promote the idea that professional risk managers should be certified on a European basis to fulfil the overall expectations of employers about risk management. Rimap will help to achieve recognition of the professional standing of risk managers.”

The written exam will take two hours and consists of 100 questions, based on the rimap Body of Knowledge and inspired by eight established sources of knowledge, such as ISO 31000, COSO ERM and the Lloyd’s Glossary. The exam papers will be marked whilst the delegates enjoy the seminar.

Successful candidates will receive their certifications on Tuesday 4 October at the closing of the FERMA Seminar. They will then be entitled to call themselves "rimap certified risk professionals" and use the rimap logo and name. During future events such as the 2017 Risk Management Forum, FERMA will organise dedicated activities for certified risk professionals and build a rimap community. 

Airmic has supported the development of rimap from the start and intends to seek accreditation for rimap continuous professional development for its events, including the Airmic Academy and the annual conference, according to Ms Graham.

FERMA President Jo Willaert encourages Airmic members to come to Malta and take the exam. “The first rimap certified risk managers will be pioneers of the professionalism in risk management and recognised as ambitious and passionate about their profession, ones who really want to see the profession mature. For an employer, rimap will provides assurance that those who are certified are qualified and experienced to practice risk management at a recognised European level.”