fastTrack live stream attracts record attendance

Published on Mon, 16/03/2020 - 11:57

Airmic live streamed its annual fastTrack Forum for the first time on Tuesday, 10 March, attracting a record attendance.

Due to increasing travel and conference restrictions placed on members and partners as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, Airmic took the decision to broadcast the presentation over a live stream while also welcoming delegates to attend in person.

There were almost 100 online viewers and more than 70 attendees at the Forum, hosted in the Willis Towers Watson auditorium on Lime Street, London.

“We hope to continue this strategy at our various Academy Forums, even once the Cronavirus has passed as it is a fantastic way to support our regional members,” John Ludlow, CEO of Airmic, said. “It shows that an agile response to a crisis can reveal unexpected positive developments.”

The fastTrack Forum featured engaging presentations on the Future of the profession, by Amanda Scott, Head of Talent at Willis Towers Watson, Michelle Elstein on Brilliant leadership and Communication with confidence, by Abi Eniila, a Tutor at RADA Business School.

There was a also discussion on Risk Managing Coronavirus with James Lythe, Associate Director within Control Risks’ Crisis & Security Consulting Department (Europe and Africa), and Dr Anthony Renshaw, the Medical Director within Health Consulting in Europe for International SOS.

Airmic members can watch the video of the fastTrack Forum in two parts here, as well as find the referenced reports and view the full slide decks of all presentations on the same page.