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Since March 2020, Airmic has been issuing Friday Reading, a curated series of readings and knowledge resources sent by email to Airmic members. The objective of Airmic Friday Reading was initially to keep members informed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, Airmic Friday Reading has evolved in scope to include content on a wide range of subjects with each email edition following a theme. This page is a searchable archive of all the readings and knowledge resources that have been shared.

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Lockton, 12th October 2021
Friday Reading Edition 84 (26th November 2021)
The pandemic has been a big cause of companies trying to cut costs. Fortunately, organisations have held on to their employee benefit plans, focused on building out their mental health support and expanded wellbeing employee assistance programmes. In this article Simon Gilliat looks at how organisations view employees benefits as a result of Covid-19.
Airmic,Sedgwick, 12th October 2021
Friday Reading Edition 80 (29th October 2021)
During the pandemic risk professionals have been focused on how best to support colleagues who are remote working. They have found that if the risks, such as poor mental health or musculoskeletal problems, are pre-empted and all the necessary preventive steps are taken, then hybrid working can present a much-needed boost for productivity and the quality of work.
Airmic, 11th October 2021
Friday Reading Edition 78 (15th October 2021)
The annual Salary and Status Survey report is based on the views of Airmic members, providing a picture of the current profile and future of the profession with important information and indicators about the profile of the profession and what matters to risk professionals the most. Airmic members are helping to drive transformation in their organisations and play a key part in shaping their post-Covid future – the risk and insurance profession continues along the path of recognition as a strategic capability. .
Airmic,Arthur D. Little,QBE, 6th October 2021
Friday Reading Edition 78 (15th October 2021)
Part of the Airmic EXPLAINED series of guides, this guide provides an introduction to the concept of risk appetite and addresses the myths, and the links with culture, maturity and sustainability. Defining and implementing risk appetite (often also referred to as a risk attitude) is a strategic activity that involves the Board and top management, as it must be aligned with strategic objectives, and requires consensus and engagement from the organisation’s leadership. This guide is essential reading for those new to the risk management profession, or for those who find themselves with a responsibility for risk management as part of a wider role.
National Preparedness Commission (NPC), 1st September 2021
Friday Reading Edition 79 (22nd October 2021)
This report commissioned by the NPC and written by Lianna Roast of the Disaster Management Centre at Bournemouth University, looks at how lessons from major incidents can be translated in to real-world change and asks how human psychology can best support our society to ensure lessons from past events are learnt.
SearchBusinessAnalytics, 29th August 2021
Friday Reading Edition 50 (19th March 2021)
Data science teams typically include various analytics and data professionals and can be set up in different ways, as explained here along with tips on managing them.
Wellspace Audio
AIG, 4th August 2021
Friday Reading Edition 75 (17th September 2021)
The Wellspace digital wellbeing solution has an extensive library of searchable content within the app available 24/7 with topics such as mental health, stress, low mood, bereavement, nutrition, financial wellbeing, sleep and exercise. This session covers Employee Engagement/Communication, Measuring Health & Wellbeing Impact, and the Unified Global Health & Wellbeing Programme.
Lloyd’s Register, 28th July 2021
Friday Reading Edition 68 (30th July 2021)
With net zero targets looming, how can we deliver innovative and long lasting solutions to decarbonise the maritime industry? In this episode of The Global Safety Podcast, Tom Heap and his panel of experts explore what we need to do to make our oceans safer, cleaner and more sustainable.
McKinsey & Co, 19th July 2021
Friday Reading Edition 103 (22nd April 2022)
On the erosion of organisational culture and social cohesion, declining productivity, and the inability to experiment and iterate.
Control Risks, 19th July 2021
Friday Reading Edition 69 (6th August 2021)
The conversation driver in the ESG agenda tends to be environmental issues, which garner plenty of media and regulatory attention. But mismanaging social issues can do just as much damage to your investment as other factors and may mean you miss critical opportunities for impact and value creation.