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Since March 2020, Airmic has been issuing Friday Reading, a curated series of readings and knowledge resources sent by email to Airmic members. The objective of Airmic Friday Reading was initially to keep members informed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, Airmic Friday Reading has evolved in scope to include content on a wide range of subjects with each email edition following a theme. This page is a searchable archive of all the readings and knowledge resources that have been shared.

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International SOS, 1st January 2022
Friday Reading Edition 91 (28th January 2022)
Utilising International SOS risk rating algorithm, experts share their views on the future impact, their key predictions and recommendations for organisations to consider when accessing medical risk ratings of specific locations.
Airmic, 23rd November 2021
Friday Reading Edition 86 (10th December 2021)
Risk management has a reputation for caution and deliberation, but not moving fast enough can be a risk in itself. The new space race taking place between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos provides Stephen with the illustration for this point. The two American billionaires are markedly different in the way they approach risk, both offering lessons for enterprise risk managers across sectors.
House of Lords Select Committee on Risk Assessment and Risk Planning, 3rd December 2021
Friday Reading Edition 85 (3rd December 2021)
The UK must be better at anticipating, preparing for and responding to a range of challenging risk scenarios, including those which it has never experienced before. The report emphasises that the Government’s current strategy of centralised and opaque risk assessment and risk management, which fails to make adequate preparations, has left the UK vulnerable.
Risk Management, 1st October 2021
Friday Reading Edition 85 (10th December 2021)
Social media can not only introduce reputation risks but cybersecurity concerns as well. To address these threats, organisations should develop methods to screen for potential problems and effective social media policies that establish appropriate expectations for employees’ social media conduct.
HDI, 21st April 2020
Friday Reading Edition 83 (19th November 2021)
The pandemic has sent shock waves in all directions, causing businesses to examine their practices in many areas and to think about possibilities for improved solutions for the future. In supply chain management, our experts identify three critical areas brought into sharper focus by recent events.
Lloyd’s,AIR Worldwide,Airmic
Friday Reading Edition 83 (19th November 2021)
As supply chains have evolved and become more complex, insuring interconnected business interruption risks has grown more challenging. This report, co-produced by Lloyd’s and AIR Worldwide, describes a novel approach to help risk managers and insurers close the protection gap before the next catastrophic supply chain disruption occurs.
Airmic,KPMG, 18th October 2021
Friday Reading Edition 80 (29th October 2021)
Global challenges such as climate change call for ambitious initiatives. It is admirable that the insurance industry has made commitments through various initiatives. However, more dialogue is needed between insurers, brokers, insurance buyers and risk professionals to ensure that these initiatives have the right intended consequences on the global economy, and so that significant progress can be made towards net zero.
Airmic,Marsh, 15th October 2021
Friday Reading Edition 80 (29th October 2021)
The reality is that if you’re not going to assess your ESG risk, someone else will. We anticipate that ESG will in time become part of the regular risk management and reporting of all organisations – some more swiftly than others. Now is the time for you to bring your ERM expertise into the ESG strategy conversations.
Airmic,QBE, 13th October 2021
Friday Reading Edition 80 (29th October 2021)
If there is one positive to be had from Covid, it is that Airmic members now consider their organisations to be more agile and adaptable than they were before. This is important as planning and executing in uncertainty is no longer the exception, and operating flexible and adaptable business models is critical to success.
Airmic,Arthur D. Little,QBE, 6th October 2021
Friday Reading Edition 78 (15th October 2021)
Part of the Airmic EXPLAINED series of guides, this guide provides an introduction to the concept of risk appetite and addresses the myths, and the links with culture, maturity and sustainability. Defining and implementing risk appetite (often also referred to as a risk attitude) is a strategic activity that involves the Board and top management, as it must be aligned with strategic objectives, and requires consensus and engagement from the organisation’s leadership. This guide is essential reading for those new to the risk management profession, or for those who find themselves with a responsibility for risk management as part of a wider role.