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Since March 2020, Airmic has been issuing Friday Reading, a curated series of readings and knowledge resources sent by email to Airmic members. The objective of Airmic Friday Reading was initially to keep members informed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, Airmic Friday Reading has evolved in scope to include content on a wide range of subjects with each email edition following a theme. This page is a searchable archive of all the readings and knowledge resources that have been shared.

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World Economic Forum, 20th September 2023
Friday Reading Edition 177 (3rd November 2023)
Generative AI has the capacity to enhance job quality and foster job growth if managed responsibly. Experts explain how generative AI’s potential can be harnessed.
Oliver Wyman, 15th March 2022
Russian state-sponsored actors have demonstrated the capability and willingness to target public and private infrastructure in neighbouring states and beyond. And countless cyber criminals and other opportunists will seek to exploit the fog of war to launch malicious attacks for their own monetary gain. Governments and companies need to be vigilant in tightening their cybersecurity protocols and heightening defences to counter these threats.
UK National Cyber Security Centre (NSCS), 18th March 2022
Friday Reading Edition 96 (4th March 2022)
The NCSC has urged organisations to follow its guidance on steps to take when the cyber threat is heightened – this guidance encourages organisations to follow actionable steps that reduce the risk of falling victim to an attack.
Airmic,Sedgwick, 12th October 2021
Friday Reading Edition 80 (29th October 2021)
During the pandemic risk professionals have been focused on how best to support colleagues who are remote working. They have found that if the risks, such as poor mental health or musculoskeletal problems, are pre-empted and all the necessary preventive steps are taken, then hybrid working can present a much-needed boost for productivity and the quality of work.
Wellspace Audio
AIG, 4th August 2021
Friday Reading Edition 75 (17th September 2021)
The Wellspace digital wellbeing solution has an extensive library of searchable content within the app available 24/7 with topics such as mental health, stress, low mood, bereavement, nutrition, financial wellbeing, sleep and exercise. This session covers Employee Engagement/Communication, Measuring Health & Wellbeing Impact, and the Unified Global Health & Wellbeing Programme.
Ventiv, 29th March 2021
With increased crime comes increased risk: risk that your data has been compromised in some way, whether stolen, altered or deleted. On a personal level, this may include identity theft or credit card theft. When it comes to your business, though, the implications can be far more significant.
CIPD, 6th January 2021
Friday Reading Edition 56 (30th April 2021)
How artificial intelligence (AI), robots and automation are shaping the world of work, the ethical considerations and the role of people professionals.
The Economist Intelligence Unit , 18th December 2020
Friday Reading Edition 47 (26th February 2021)
[Free to read full report upon sharing contact details] This report takes an in-depth look at the sectors that have benefited from Covid-19 restrictions, alongside a range of new geopolitical, regulatory and security risks that have emerged as a result of such rapid growth. In addition, we assess what governments can do to develop conducive business environments, with digitalisation likely to be one of the prime drivers of the economic recovery.
Lloyd’s,KPMG, 30th September 2020
Friday Reading Edition 30 (16th October 2020)
This report examines the increasing importance of intellectual property (IP) as a driver of corporate value, drawing attention to the risks and opportunities facing businesses, as well as new cyber threats to businesses’ IP.
Baker Tilly, 27th April 2020
Friday Reading Edition 30 (16th October 2020)
This recorded Airmic LIVE webinar episode discusses the cyber threats that have arisen given the number of the global workforce now working from home during the pandemic, and explore what a cyber-incident response will look like. Baker Tilly is also now conducting a survey on cyber preparedness and business interruption to contribute to the benchmark data on the Covid-related risks for cybersecurity insurance policies.