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Since March 2020, Airmic has been issuing Friday Reading, a curated series of readings and knowledge resources sent by email to Airmic members. The objective of Airmic Friday Reading was initially to keep members informed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, Airmic Friday Reading has evolved in scope to include content on a wide range of subjects with each email edition following a theme. This page is a searchable archive of all the readings and knowledge resources that have been shared.

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AXA XL, 20th April 2021
As travel opens up, how are businesses protecting employees, and how are individual travellers staying safe?
Mindfulness Video
Marsh, 12th April 2021
Friday Reading Edition 51 (26th March 2021)
Presented by Lorna Feeney, Head of Mental Health Risk, Marsh Risk Consultancy, this short video on mindfulness guides you on the practice of purposely bringing one's attention in the present moment without judgment, a skill one develops through meditation or other training.
Marsh, 1st April 2021
Friday Reading Edition 77 (1st October 2021)
Following the trend set by their publicly traded peers, privately held companies continue to face elevated directors and officers liability (D&O) insurance pricing increases, which are likely to continue trending upward through 2021. Insurers are also increasingly limiting coverage terms and/or conditions. It is important to understand why the market is firming as you set new strategies with your broker partner.
Control Risks, 1st April 2021
Friday Reading Edition 62 (11th June 2021)
What the widespread demonstrations in response to Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny's detainment mean for the political and operational landscape in Russia. [podcast]
Marsh, 11th March 2021
This 15 minute video discusses mindfulness and the benefits it brings. Mindfulness is the practice of purposely bringing one's attention in the present moment without judgment, a skill one develops through meditation or other training.
WTW, 9th March 2021
Letitia Rowlin, Risk Partner, Health and Wellbeing, Willis Towers Watson, discusses what you should you be aware of as risk managers to help reduce the risk to your organisations’ employees and business.
Airmic , 4th March 2021
This 50 minute class is suitable for all bodies. The only thing you’ll need is a yoga mat. We start by focussing our on breath, and then we move through a mindful sequence, all designed to stretch parts of the body that tighten up sitting at your desk and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised, ready to take on the day!
Zurich, 2nd March 2021
Friday Reading Edition 83 (19th November 2021)
COVID-19 exposed the fragility of our global supply chains. Post-pandemic, businesses will have to make some difficult strategic decisions. But first, they will have some immediate supply chain issues to contend.
Airmic, 10th February 2021
Friday Reading Edition 45 (12th February 2021)
John Scott, Head of Sustainability Risk at the Zurich Insurance Group addressed some of the wider societal issues of the Covid-19 crisis, and the emerging opportunities that can leave the world better prepared and more resilient to future risk.
Lockton, 1st February 2021
Before the pandemic, looking at each employee benefit separately was less than ideal, but now it is more essential than ever to take a holistic view of corporate benefits programmes.