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Since March 2020, Airmic has been issuing Friday Reading, a curated series of readings and knowledge resources sent by email to Airmic members. The objective of Airmic Friday Reading was initially to keep members informed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, Airmic Friday Reading has evolved in scope to include content on a wide range of subjects with each email edition following a theme. This page is a searchable archive of all the readings and knowledge resources that have been shared.

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Airmic , 14th March 2020
Friday Reading Edition 14 (26th June 2020)
This Airmic report investigates the origins and impact of over twenty major corporate crises of the last decade, which left their reputation in tatters and faced an uphill task in rebuilding their businesses
We Are Guernsey, 1st January 2020
Friday Reading Edition 99 (25th March 2022)
An introduction to what captives are, how they work, how to form one, and illustrated with case studies.
Swiss Re, 18th December 2019
Friday Reading Edition 17 (17th July 2020)
A report on how re/insurers need to improve risk models to better assess climate hazards, and to ensure development of the capabilities to be able to underwrite natural catastrophe risks in the future.
Airmic,WTW, 2nd June 2019
Friday Reading Edition 35 (20th November 2020)
Although risk professionals are aware of the dangers that an unpredictable political environment can pose to their organisation, identifying and assessing those risks is the challenge that faces our profession today. This report will help break down the risks, understand their interconnectivity, the solutions available and appropriate responses.
Airmic,QBE , 11th June 2018
Friday Reading Edition 92 (4th February 2022)
This guide is designed to equip the risk professional to support their organisation in understanding risk culture, the link between risk culture and risk appetite and how culture can be positively harnessed in these times of transformational change.
Airmic,BSI, 11th June 2018
Friday Reading Edition 3 (9th April 2020)
This white paper shows how the principles of risk management in ISO 31000 are the foundation of the management and operational systems that all organisations can use to help achieve sustained success.
Oliver Wyman, 1st January 2018
Friday Reading Edition 23 (28th August 2020)
Who really owns the risk management framework in a bank? Is it the Chief Risk Officer? Is it so fundamental that it is a shared responsibility among the whole executive or senior leadership team? This guidance puts flesh on the bones of the ‘three lines of defence’ skeleton. 
Airmic, 15th November 2017
Friday Reading Edition 76 (24th September 2021)
Produced in partnership with Aon Risk Solutions and Ventiv Technology – technological advances and the lowering cost of computing makes data available to businesses like never before. Successful businesses are using this data to review business models and drive transformation.
Kogan Page, 3rd April 2015
Friday Reading Edition 40 (8th January 2021)
[Purchase required] Dr. Keith Blacker and Dr. Patrick McConnell explains the concept of people risk and enables the reader to consider it within the context of their own organisation, flagging up the human factors that may not have been considered, and encourages managers and practitioners to take a more focused approach to people management.
Project Management Institute, 23rd October 2012
Many people have been trying to understand the nature of hard-to-detect risks or uncertainties. After Donald Rumsfeld inadvertently coined “unknown unknowns”, people started using quadrants of knowledge (i.e., known known, known unknown, unknown known, and unknown unknown) to understand and explain the nature of risk. But this study reveals that many of them were not truly unidentifiable. This study develops and suggests a model to characterise risks, especially unidentified ones.