Airmic to launch fortnightly podcast

Published on Thu, 09/01/2020 - 09:59

Airmic will enter the fast-growing world of podcasts in February as the Association looks to engage with its members and partners through new media channels.

Airmic Talks will be a fortnightly podcast series that showcases the many activities of the Association and discusses the hot topics that matter most to our members.

The first episode, to be released on Sunday, 16 February, will focus on the hardening insurance market and feature a roundtable discussion between Mark Dawson, chairman of Airmic's Insurance Steering Group Committee, Scott Feltham, group insurance manager at Compass Group Plc, and Airmic Talks producer Richard Cutcher.

"The way professionals consume and engage with content is evolving and podcasts have become increasingly central to that change," said John Ludlow, CEO of Airmic.

"By producing this fortnightly podcast series, we will be able to bring the story to life, reach a broader audience and provide insightful content direct from our members and partners."

The Airmic Talks podcast will be available on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify and all major podcast platforms from 16 February. To find out more you can contact Richard Cutcher on