The Airmic Mentoring Scheme offers members the opportunity to learn from experienced and senior members.

Mentoring scheme

Find out what mentoring can do for you

Using bespoke matching technology, Airmic's mentoring tool is perfectly designed to help members develop their professional skillset, network with peers, and learn new skills and techniques to improve and grow in their careers.

Mentoring provides the mentee with proven benefits such as improvements in performance, productivity, career progression and promotability, employability, perspective, confidence, well-being and professional happiness.

For the mentor, mentoring offers the opportunity to improve communication and personal skills, develop one’s own leadership and management qualities, and engage in a volunteering opportunity and give something back to the profession.

Just look at some of the success stories from our mentees on the Airmic Mentoring Scheme:

“I highly recommend the Airmic mentorship programme to everyone. The mentors on the ARMIC panel come from various walks of life and have years of experience. I joined the scheme at a crucial time in my career and was seeking advice on how to stand out and what opportunities to look for in advancing my career in risk management. Meetings with my mentor have been enlightening, helping me challenge myself. My mentor has always offered me impartial support, giving me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone, take on new challenges, develop to become more proficient in my work, and prepare for potential future opportunities. I enthusiastically suggest the AIRMIC mentorship programme to students and members.”
Taiwo Omo-Ikerodah, Enterprise Risk Account Manager
"As a mentor, I was able to provide advice and guidance to mentees to help them with career goals and more immediate work related challenges. It’s been great to share ideas of both what has (and has not worked) for people in a similar position. I found the platform easy to use for the initial contact with the mentees and it also provided reminders to get the best out of the mentoring process."
Richard Hoult, Head of Risk & Internal Audit

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Become a Mentee

Join the Airmic Mentoring Programme as a mentee and gain access to a varied selection of mentors who bring with them years of experience and valuable insight to the Risk and Insurance industry. Our Mentoring platform will recommend to you mentors who are best placed to support you based on your selected goals and their provided expertise and knowledge. Your mentoring relationship is just one click away, register now and build your profile to begin your mentoring journey.

Become a Mentor

Become a mentor and use your experience and knowledge to support your mentee reach their goals and achieve their career aspirations. Inspire the next generation of Risk and Insurance professionals whilst developing your own skills and expanding your network with members entering the industry. By registering below you could help shape the future of Risk and Insurance.