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Airmic regularly carries out research, and publishes the results in the form of reports, guides and benchmarking documents.


Employee benefits

Delivering ERM to people risk & benefit programmes

Recorded on:
8th June 2018

Global medical trends

Price increases faced in the financing employee benefit plans

Recorded on:
26th April 2018

Jackson reforms

Jackson Reforms 2.0 - An overview

Recorded on:
26th April 2018


GDPR goes live

Downloads: PDF icon Airmic-whitepaper-GDPR-goes-live.pdf
Recorded on:
14th March 2018

Edelman Trust Barometer

Edelman Trust Barometer 2018 - have trust levels fallen further

Recorded on:
20th February 2018

World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2018

WEF Global Risk Report 2018

Downloads: PDF icon 2018-WEF-Global-Risks-Report.pdf
Recorded on:
29th January 2018

Travel risks

Travel risk, managing the risk before it becomes a problem

Recorded on:
23rd November 2017


Weather, No longer an excuse on the P&L

Recorded on:
16th November 2017

Insurance Act

The Insurance Act - Guarding against consequences of a breach of a condition precedent to liability

Downloads: PDF icon Webinar – The Insurance Act slides.pdf
Recorded on:
25th October 2017

Transforming risk and insurance

Webinar: The Value of Risk and Insurance Management

Recorded on:
23rd August 2017

Digital transformation and the impact on risk managers

Recorded on:
24th July 2017

Is the insurance market fit for the future?

Recorded on:
13th July 2017

A profession in transformation

Recorded on:
10th July 2017

Discount rate cut

Discount rate cut - the implications

Recorded on:
16th May 2017

Risk culture webinar series

The risk culture profiling tool

Recorded on:
8th May 2017

The importance of managing corporate culture

Recorded on:
27th April 2017

Digital webinar series

The future, presented by Zurich

Recorded on:
21st April 2017

Cloud computing, presented by Chubb

Recorded on:
6th April 2017