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Airmic regularly carries out research, and publishes the results in the form of reports, guides and benchmarking documents.


Airmic regularly hosts webinars with experts and thought leaders across the industry. Our webinars are accredited for CPD and feature a range of topics which are perfect for keeping up to date with news and events. Keep an eye on the Learn and Develop page for our upcoming webinars. Below are past recordings that you can view at any time.

Airmic LIVE

Airmic LIVE 3 March: Reputation risk management - a new perspective

Downloads: PDF icon Airmic-Live-3-March-reputation.pdf
Recorded on:
3rd March 2021

Airmic LIVE 24 February: Reputation in an environment of increasing leadership accountabilities

Recorded on:
24th February 2021

Airmic LIVE 17 February: Edelman Trust Barometer 2021

Recorded on:
17th February 2021

Airmic LIVE 10 February - The wider societal issues of the pandemic

Recorded on:
10th February 2021

Airmic LIVE 3 February - Insurance market conditions - Claims

Downloads: PDF icon Airmic-LIVE-3-February-Harsh-Market-Pulse-Survey-Report-January-2021-slides.pdf
Recorded on:
3rd February 2021

Airmic LIVE - Managing workplace mental health in a pandemic and beyond – specialist advice you need

Downloads: PDF icon Airmic-LIVE-January-20-slides.pdf
Recorded on:
20th January 2021

Airmic LIVE 13 January: The pandemic crisis - what did 2020 teach us

Downloads: PDF icon Airmic-Live-13-January-Slides.pdf
Recorded on:
13th January 2021

Airmic LIVE - 16 December: Resilience

Downloads: PDF icon Airmic operational resilience slides.pdf
Recorded on:
16th December 2020

Airmic LIVE 2 December: Climate and environment

Downloads: PDF icon Airmic LIVE - Climate change 2 December slides.pdf
Recorded on:
2nd December 2020

Airmic LIVE: Responding to and costing a ransomware attack

Downloads: PDF icon AIRMIC LIVE - Cyber Workshop Slides.pdf
Recorded on:
25th November 2020


fastTrack: Airmic Competency Framework & Your Professional Journey

Downloads: PDF icon fastTrack-25-February-airmic-competency-framework-slides.pdf
Recorded on:
25th February 2021

Edelman Trust Barometer report

2021 Edelman Trust Barometer

Downloads: PDF icon Edelman-Trust-Barometer-2021-slides.pdf
Recorded on:
17th February 2021

Risk in the news - a review of 2020

Downloads: PDF icon Airmic-WTW-Risk-in-the-News-slide-deck.pdf
Recorded on:
11th February 2021


fastTrack: Risk management principles and practice

Downloads: PDF icon fastTrack-9-February-slides.pdf
Recorded on:
9th February 2021

fastTrack: Insurance principles and practice

Downloads: PDF icon Insurance purpose, principles and practice slide deck.pdf
Recorded on:
2nd February 2021

Supply chain

Supply Chain risk part 2: how can hidden risks be understood?

Recorded on:
7th January 2021


fastTrack - How to manage your mental and emotional well being

Downloads: PDF icon Airmic-Wellness-session-slides.pdf
Recorded on:
15th December 2020


fastTrack - Future proofing your career

Downloads: PDF icon Future Proofing Your Career slides.pdf
Recorded on:
24th November 2020