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Political risk in 2024: The year of elections


Airmic 4th June 2024


Geopolitical tensions are at a generational high and 2024 is being widely referred to as the ‘year of elections’. By the end of the year up to 83 national elections will have been held in over 70 countries, representing 60% of global GDP. The UK’s general election will be held on 4 July, while the US election set for 5 November will be the most consequential of them all.

Elections have one advantage as a trigger for political risk or civil unrest: their dates tend to be marked in the diary weeks or months ahead of the events themselves. This gives organisations the opportunity to plan ahead, prepare and brace for impact.

Airmic launched the Big Question in 2024, marking a new and innovative way in which Airmic surveys its members for their insights on the risk landscape. Even before the UK general election was announced as 4 July, this is the election of most concern for Airmic members in 2024; 81% were negative or neutral on the UK government’s Spring Budget of 2024.

Political risk in 2024: The year of elections
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