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A leap of faith: The future of the insurance industry


Airmic 7th June 2022


Today, the world is increasingly turbulent and moving at breath-taking velocity. This creates new challenges, new and different risks, often in parallel with new opportunities. Increasingly, organisations are forced to deal with wide-scale, concurrent crises in real time – including mega-trend climate-related disasters, high numbers of employee resignations compounded by a need for the right talent, record-breaking data breaches, supply chain fragilities, the rising cost of living, and geopolitical instability at the highest level since World War II.

As a result, risk professionals are increasingly relied on to help chart a course through a landscape of enterprise-level challenges that were often not on the radar at the beginning of the year. The speed of new, different and emerging risks is unprecedented and changing all aspects of managing risk and insurance. The need for better, more forward-looking data, and an emphasis on ‘predict and prevent’ insurance solutions, is greater than ever.

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