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Airmic regularly carries out research, and publishes the results in the form of reports, guides and benchmarking documents.

Investing in the right future: AI and Future of the Profession 2023


Airmic, WTW 19th June 2023


Millennial and Generation Z members of Airmic are ready to embrace the promise of artificial intelligence (AI), contrary to fears of AI taking jobs away or posing an existential threat to humanity.

The risk profession continues to offer inspiring careers. More than half of respondents have stayed with their present organisation for over five years. The profession is playing a part in the story of social mobility. Of the respondents who went to university, 41% were the first person in their family to do so.

Organisations must build a more inclusive pipeline of talent for senior management roles. There are proportionately still more men than women holding positions as head of risk management and/or heads of insurance, and this impacts the gender pay gap.

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