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GDPR and adapting to the Covid-19 world


Airmic, BLM 8th April 2022

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UPDATED APRIL 2022 – This updated version of the white paper covers the latest developments in UK GDPR, including the International data transfer agreement (IDTA) which came into force in March 2022.

The first Airmic-BLM white paper on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), released in 2018 alongside the introduction of the GDPR regulations, laid out its provisions. The second Airmic-BLM white paper – GDPR 2020 – covered the practical consequences of the regulations in the first two years of its implementation, including some of the high-profile investigations into data breaches by organisations. Since then, the world has been through at least a year and a half of the pandemic, and the Brexit transition period has ended, with implications for the state of data protection laws in the UK.

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated domestic and business use of the internet and profoundly changed our working and social lives . This has, in turn, resulted in a massive increase in cybercrime, particularly ransomware attacks, at a time when the regulatory environment is tightening and the courts have become increasingly accommodating to individuals whose data protection rights have been breached.

Similarly, internal and external business meetings have been taking place on Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and a growing crowd of more specialised platforms with which we have all had to become adept.

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