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Airmic regularly carries out research, and publishes the results in the form of reports, guides and benchmarking documents.

Airmic Partner Guide: Zurich’s Guide to Construction

Executive Summary

Zurich 30th October 2013


This guide aims to provide AIRMIC members (particularly non- contractor members) with information about the types of cover that should be in place during the construction of new buildings or facilities, and the repair, alteration refurbishment or extension of existing properties.

By their nature, construction projects are complex, involving multiple contracted partners including architects, contractors, engineers, materials and service providers plus the whole infrastructure and supply chain on which construction projects rely. The forces of nature, technological development, politics, culture and human error further complicate and influence its eventual success or failure.

From a remote mining operation, transportation tunnel, city-centre office block or an extension to a building already in use, the principles of risk management should apply. These should be based on a full understanding of who is responsible for each risk and, where appropriate, who is responsible for insuring what, and what the correct level of cover, sum insured or liability is.

This guide takes you through the cycle from design and preparation, to the construction period, and then on to testing and the defects liability period. It is designed to provide a snapshot of the issues, challenges and potential pitfalls you may face. Ensuring you, the contractor, consultants, sup

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