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Switch off your phone (yes really!) and join a wellness session in Harrogate!

How many times a day do you check your smartphone? Impossible as it may seem in today's 24/7 work culture, looking after your mental and physical health is just as important as always being available to colleagues.

"We are increasingly moving into an 'always on' culture," Tracey Skinner, Airmic board member, explains. "But all employees need regular down time in order to function at their best."

And it matters for businesses: "The people asset of a company is one of the most important assets it has," says Tracey. "There is a direct correlation between the 'health' of your people and the health and success of the organisation." 

Achieving a business culture with a healthy work/life balance must be driven by the top of the organisation with senior management setting the pace, she says. "Businesses should set up their own wellness policy which defines what is acceptable and detail what support is available for employees."

By way of example, she says this could consist of an employee assistance programme, physio services, availability of yoga and mindfulness, or encouragement to do more physical activity such as sponsorship for employees taking place in marathons and similar events.

Tracey is leading Airmic's health and wellness campaign and says that members can start changing their work habits at Airmic's annual conference in Harrogate which for the first time ever has three wellness sessions covering a 5k run, yoga and Pilates.

"The conference is a busy time, but our wellness sessions are just one hour and give you the chance to experience something new, and to relax and reflect on the day. It's really worth carving out the time."

Tracey herself will be taking this to another level and committing to a two hour run before the conference starts on Tuesday as part of her marathon training programme, she explains.

Click here to sign up for a choice of Yoga, 5k run or Pilates at 7.45am on Tuesday 4 June.

Click here to find out more about Airmic's annual conference and to register.