Success of Airmic LIVE ensures autumn return

Published on Wed, 12/08/2020 - 15:33

The Airmic LIVE series of webinars, launched in response to the pandemic and resulting lockdown, has covered a diverse range of coronavirus related topics since March 23 and will return after Airmic Fest.

The Monday morning series began on 23 March and featured Airmic partners, outside experts and members as organisation moved quickly to adapt to the new normal. All webinars to date are available on the Airmic LIVE page here, and a full list of titles is below.

The series will return on 28 September with a panel of Airmic members reflecting on their experienced during the pandemic.

From 7 October, however, Airmic LIVE will move to Wednesday at midday and focus on a broader range of hot topics and megatrends. Subjects planned for the second series include:

  • Geopolitics and populism
  • Governance, laws and regulation
  • Climate and environment
  • Trust and reputation
  • Cyber and technology

“Airmic LIVE has proved tremendously popular with members since March with the regular nature and range of expert speakers creating a must-attend series while we all adapted to the new normal,” Julia Graham, Deputy CEO and Technical Director of Airmic, says.

“It was right we used the time to focus on the ‘here and now’ challenges related to the pandemic, and I look forward to hearing from a range of members on 28 September as they reflect on their experiences to date. The pandemic is not the only challenge facing organisations, however, and I am excited by the schedule we are planning for the autumn and winter.”

Airmic LIVE will not impact the Academy or FastTrack programme which will continue to be delivered virtually.

Below is the full list of Airmic LIVE webinars that have been delivered to date and remain available to members to watch on repeat here:

  • 3 August: National resilience - based on innovation and leadership
  • 27 July: Hard times - adjusting to a new economic future
  • 20 July: Life after lockdown: how to restart right
  • 13 July: COVID and Climate - a changing perspective 
  • 6 July: Managing people:  The risks & rewards of remote working
  • 29 June: Protecting Industrial Control Systems in a COVID-19 world
  • 22 June: Captives in a Pandemic - The growing importance of ART tools
  • 15 June: Cyber Resilience in a post COVID 19 world
  • 8 June: Lifting the Lockdown – understanding the risks posed to buildings and facilities
  • 1 June: After COVID 19, what next for China and the West
  • 18 May: Exiting Lockdown: A Route Map to the New Normal
  • 11 May: The Impact on People, Supply Chains, and Cyber Risk
  • 4 May: Considerations for risk managers from a COVID 19 A D&O perspective
  • 27 April: The impact of coronavirus and cyber incidents
  • 20 April: Exploring risk interdependencies in the 'next normal'
  • 6 April: Supporting your COVID-19 response in relation to Employee Benefits and Wellbeing
  • 30 March: The role of the broker, rising to the challenge
  • 23 March: The coronavirus series: Insurance issues