Membership referral scheme launched by Airmic

Published on Mon, 21/06/2021 - 12:36

Airmic members can access a 10% discount on their next renewal or upgrade by referring a contact from a non-member organisation, who can also get a 10% discount upon joining.

Airmic has launched a new membership referral scheme offering discounts for members referring new contacts, as well as for new members who join as a result.

When an Airmic member introduces a contact from a non-member organisation, should they sign up for membership, they will receive a 10% discount on their first year of membership.

Added to this, the referring member will receive 10% discount on their next renewal or upgrade.

The initiative comes after a period of membership growth despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Airmic currently has more than 1,500 members from more than 370 different organisations, up from around 1,200 two years ago, according to Olabisi Porteous, Airmic’s membership coordinator.

“Our members are at the heart of Airmic’s work, and it was important to us to be a place of support in a year which has had detrimental impact on many organisations and members,” Porteous says.

“Airmic has been active in transforming into a digital association making much of its resources accessible online, being one of the first associations to hold an online conference, introducing the online mentoring scheme and ensuring those who found themselves between roles had the support they needed through our Airmic jobs board and retaining access to the Airmic community through our reserved membership."

The shift to digital events during pandemic has led to increased accessibility of Airmic’s services, leading to a broader geographical spread of members, Porteous explains, as well as widening the demographics of roles and business types within the membership community.

“We have good  number of organisations in membership from the FTSE-100 as well as SMEs. The beauty of the Airmic community is the diverse types of organisation and experiences as this enhances the exchange of information within the Airmic community,” Porteous says.

“We have definitely seen a diversification in our membership from the traditional risk/insurance roles, we are now seeing members joining from legal and compliance teams, health and safety and business continuity to name a few,” she adds.

Here’s how you can access the benefits of the membership referral scheme.

  • Your contact will need to complete a membership form to join membership.
  • In the field ‘How did you hear about Airmic?’ ‘Member referral’ must be stated along with the name and organisation of the referring member.
  • On processing the form Airmic will confirm the referring member has a current active membership and the new member does not belong to a company already in membership.
  • Once confirmed the membership will be processed and the discount will then be applied.
  • We will then be in touch with you to confirm if the referral has been successful and confirm the discount on your next renewal.

If you have any other questions about the scheme or membership in general please contact Membership Coordinator: