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How to stay informed: Airmic launches Learning Hub

All you need to know about everything that matters…in just 20 minute sessions

Are you up to date with all the latest trends and emerging hot topics? As a risk manager, staying on top of current developments, even those that may seem outside your direct field of expertise, is an important part of the job. After all, how can a business spot new threats without a full understanding of its environment?

With this is mind, Airmic has this month launched its 2019 conference Learning Hub, sponsored by The Institutes. Back for the second year, the Hub will host a series of punchy talks on key topics. Each 20 minute session is designed to give just the right amount of information to leave you feeling informed and in a position to ask the right questions.

The topics are deliberately diverse, covering subjects such as Brexit, dementia, driverless cars, workplace health, social media risks and many more.

Steve Anderson is head of international business development for The Institutes, North America's leading provider of professional development courses for risk managers and Airmic's first education partner. He believes that knowledge gives a competitive advantage in all careers, but especially risk management:

"Risk management is really at an exciting crossroads, facing a global transformation as rapid advancements in data and technology shift our focus from risk transfer to risk prevention," he explains. "You can increase your value to your employer if you can master both traditional risk planning skills and more strategic risk decision making techniques."

He says the Hub will give delegates the chance to "quickly and efficiently" get up to speed on important topics: "Between the speakers and the information tables, you can gain a lot in a short time."

Conference delegates can drop in on the Learning Hub sessions, located in exhibition hall B, at any point, with no need to book in advance. Delegates will also have the chance to speak to The Institutes' Mr Anderson to hear more about their courses and qualifications, including their core risk designation, the Associate in Risk Management (ARM).

Below is an outline of the Learning Hub programme; more details can be found here.

Monday 3 June

1.00pm - 1.20pm: Brexit implications explained in 20 minutes

1.30pm - 1.50pm: The Changing Landscape of Claims Management  

3.30pm - 3.50pm: Predictive analytics - the smart data to inform smart risk-management

4.15pm - 4.35pm: Key risk & insurance indicators: building a dashboard

5.15pm - 5.35pm: Become a Dementia Friend

5.45pm - 6.05pm: No Crisis Too Small

Tuesday 4 June

9.30am - 9.50am: Professional Indemnity for Contractors: why is the market broken and how can it be fixed?

10.00am - 10.20am: The Illusion of Control.

11.30am - 11.50am: Workplace Health: How significant is the risk to your people and your business?

1.30pm - 1.50pm: Crisis management: building great teams

2.00pm - 2.20pm: Social media - friend or foe?

2.30pm - 2.50pm: Blockchain

4.15pm - 4.35pm: Letters of Credit - using Security Interest Agreements as an alternative

4.45pm - 5.05pm: Risk and Insurance Strategy Consultants

5.15pm - 5.35pm: Helping members manage the uninsured liabilities on their balance sheet.

Wednesday 5 June                

10.00am - 10.20am: Demystifying Supply Chain Risk

11.00am - 11.20am: The Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Act: what you need to know

11.30am - 11.50am: The rise of temporary intelligence & its importance for open source claims investigation