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Have you booked your conference workshops?

Published on Tue, 30/04/2019 - 00:25

Spaces in conference workshops are filling up fast, with many already full. Below is a selection of workshops which still have some limited availability. Click on the titles to book your place.

Monday 3rd 2pm-3:15pm

A2 - Lockton: Theft: your balance sheet is at risk; how to properly use insurance as protection

Companies' exposure to fraud and theft is no longer determined by geographical location or industry sector. The rise of anonymous crime means that any company can be the victim of crime. The insurance market has been slow to respond, and still designs products in silos with different triggers, retentions and exclusion, such that they do not fit together well when a fraud incident affects more than one coverage area. The threat of financial crime needs to be considered on a holistic basis. How are your data, systems, stock inventory, cash, and clients protected by your insurance policies and where are the gaps? The session aims to provide tips for considering financial crime under different covers and avoiding any potential for insurer disputes, including playing out claims scenarios.

A4 - Willis Towers Watson: Geopolitical risk: why should you care and should you do?

Driven by trade and economic policy change, as well as climate, conflict, technology, and new regulation, geopolitical risk is often seen as a challenge. In addition, a recent Airmic survey found that 83% of respondents expect geopolitical risks to become even harder to manage over the next three years. When politics moves at the speed of a Tweet, and international warfare at the tap of a computer key, the Willis Towers Watson Geopolitical Risk workshop will explore how risk managers can best understand the threats and manage potential impacts to their organisations.

A5 - Chubb: Struggling to get the budget? Getting board support for a new insurance purchase

Gaining support from the board for insurance products that your company hasn't invested in previously is often a difficult ask. Chubb's workshop will show how best to engage the board on three specific lines of business: terrorism, business travel and multinational captive programmes. They'll talk through claims scenarios that help illustrate the need for these types of insurance, how risk engineering is helping to mitigate these risks and how each affects the bottom line for many businesses.

Tuesday 4th 12pm-1:15pm

C3 - HDI Global: Evolution of value chain risks: a showcase

Value chain risks and the landscape they exist in are ever-evolving and risk managers must keep up the pace with their understanding and approach to dealing with them. Join two experts in the field of BI and CBI risks from HDI and Coca-Cola for an insightful and interactive workshop, with a key focus on how to engage at board level on risk management. The session will provide a toolkit for all attendees to apply to their own industries and hazards.

C5 - AON: Securing investments and enhancing returns - delivering risk and insurance solutions & services into M&A transactions

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is a situation not a solution and at the heart of this, the role of risk and insurance community is to deliver insights and create solutions that deliver tangible financial impact on M&A deals. Aon's workshop will look at how professionals can achieve this while also exploring real life scenarios to see what they would do as the decision maker. This workshop is aimed at those in risk and insurance, regardless of your M&A experience level.

Tuesday 4th 3.00pm-4:15pm

D2 - Aon, Sovos Fiscal Reps, Zurich - Captive developments against a changing and more digitised risk landscape

Captives continue to be a popular way for organisations to finance risk during the ever-changing digital landscape. As we know, the risk landscape will continue to develop over time creating new challenges and opportunities for captives which our team of experts will explore in our interactive workshop. Our session is aimed at all role levels regardless of whether you're new to captives or you have an experienced understanding.

D3 - Lloyd's - Modern Cities need modern insurance

A surge in urbanisation has occurred at the same time as rapid technological advancement and socio-political shifts, radically transforming the way we live and work. For the companies who operate in these cities the risks to their business are also changing: new risks, such as cyber, are appearing, and old risks, such as unplanned developments, are resurfacing. This workshop will discuss these trends and how they are affecting the risks that cities and companies face, focusing on seven cities as case studies. At the end of the workshop you will know more about the challenges in the cities you do business with. You will also be able to share how you wish these risks to be reduced and what role Lloyd's could have in that process.

D7 - Swiss Re Corporate Solutions - A new era in international insurance programme efficiency - is it simply a utopian dream or a real necessity?

As a new entrant into writing international programmes, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' workshop will discuss the pain points in managing international programmes and investigate how game-changing ideas about technology can transform this scenario.

Presenters Nigel Bamber (Swiss Re Corporate Solutions) Angela Iannetta (BAT plc); and Karen Gorman (Willis Towers Watson) will facilitate an interactive section in which topics like data integration, the use of Application Programming Interfaces, and block-chain will be addressed.

Ideal for risk managers, CFOs and brokers managing global programmes.

D8 - Fujitsu - The changing face of the risk manager: how emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Robotic Process Automation are disrupting the role of the risk manager

Emerging technology will not eliminate risks nor for that matter will it replace the risk manager with a robot. In fact, these disruptive technologies will enable a paradigm shift in the insurance model and consequently in the role of the risk manager. Whilst insurance will continue to be the primary vehicle for risk transfer, technology will significantly disrupt the existing "repair-and-replace model" and move the insurance industry to a predict-and-prevent model.

Fujitsu will discuss some of these emerging technologies that are going to impact your role, including:

  •     The application of Artificial Intelligence to preventive risk management by improved and accelerated detection;
  •     Using next-gen IOT technologies that would enable risk models to be precise rather than generic;
  •     Understanding how Quantum Computing is providing superlative computing power making real time processing and optimisation a reality.