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Published on Fri, 09/10/2020 - 11:56

2020 has proved to be an unprecedented year, seeing millions of workers being called upon to work and learn in a faster, more agile, and virtual way to a degree never seen before. The e-learning and digital revolution that had already begun has sped up exponentially in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We connect, meet, work and learn primarily in a virtual world and whilst that brings many challenges, it also offers professionals the ability to access learning and professional development in a convenient, consumable and practical way.

The benefits of e-learning are multiple, wide ranging and well publicised including a reduction in time for learning, an increase in the amount of content that can be learnt in a given timeframe, and a significant increase in learning retention rates versus face to face training alone.

In this environment, online learning programmes therefore offer today’s learner a huge opportunity to progress their professional development in a way that is aligned with current patterns of working, predominantly from home for many professionals.

Airmic’s Competency Framework for risk management professionals identifies the key competencies required of today’s risk professional, including being better aligned with business priorities, more dynamic in stakeholder engagement, and professionally fit for the future.

Designed to promote active learning, and improve understanding and retention, the ARM covers a range of topics across three modules, all delivered fully online and typically taking 9-15 months to complete in total. Newly designed, the ARM puts the spotlight on equipping the individual with the tools needed to succeed in a rapidly evolving risk management landscape; developing the skills needed to holistically assess existing risks and anticipate emerging ones; and discovering effective strategies for holistically treating key risks. An additional mandatory Ethics unit covers Ethical Decision-making in Risk and Insurance or Ethical Guidelines for CPCUs.

The course format consists of videos, case studies and applicable online course material; practice quizzes for each assignment and a full course quiz; and simulated exams that mirror what to expect on exam day. Exams (currently being offered online) are held in four set windows across the year.

The ARM is suitable for anyone who makes decisions based on risk such as risk managers, analysts and consultants; business continuity, supply chain, and safety and loss control professionals; agents and brokers; data analytics professionals; cyber risk professionals; claims managers and analysts; underwriters, and so on.

Airmic encourages members to consider the ARM for their professional development, and is proud to support The Institutes ARM programme. Airmic members receive 20% off course materials.

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