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CPD: are you getting full recognition for attending Airmic events?

Sharp rise in Continuous Professional Development points earned by membersĀ 

The number of continuous professional development (CPD) hours and points received by members in recognition of attending Airmic events has grown significantly in the past year, data has revealed.

From January to May 2019, CPD recognition for Academy attendance increased 39% against the same 2018 time period, to a total of 1,035 hours. This comes in response to higher attendance and more Academy sessions on offer.

Almost all Airmic events - with the exception of those designed purely for networking - can contribute CPD points or hours. Attending the annual conference, for example, can earn over 20 hours. The keynote speeches, workshops, hub sessions, seminars and breakfasts can all contribute.

Airmic is formally accredited by the CII, meaning that attending its events will contribute to the CPD hours every CII member needs to collect during the year to maintain their CII membership and designation. For other associations, Airmic members should check which events count.

Members can check their CPD hours collected from attending Academies by logging in to the Airmic website.