Associate in Risk Management (ARM) qualification from The Institutes

Published on Thu, 09/04/2020 - 13:01

Working from home?  No more commute?  Now is the time to take up online learning and gain a valued professional qualification and designation.

Many of our members and partners are aware that we have been working with The Institutes to bring the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) qualification to our shores. Earning the ARM designation is a rapid path to improving your professional credibility, rewarding you with skills that directly apply to your work today, and a trusted, recognisable credential that will support future career growth. It can be completed in as little as nine months.

With many of us confined to our homes at present, now is a great time to take advantage of this online, interactive learning experience. All you need is a PC and internet access to get started!  As an Airmic member, you also receive a 25% discount on course materials.

Whether you are new to risk management or a seasoned professional, you will find value in the approachable courses that will help you learn:

  • An enterprise wide, strategic approach to risk assessment and treatment
  • How to manage key hazard, financial, operational and strategic trends and risks
  • The global perspective on risk needed in an increasingly connected world
  • Strategies for managing risk grounded in real-world examples
  • The communications and collaboration skills to convert risk concepts to on-the-job action

Complete three courses to earn the ARM designation:

ARM 400 – Risk in an Evolving World gain a broad understanding of risk and how it is managed in modern organisations with advanced technologies for capturing, storing and analysing risk data.

ARM 401 – Holistically Assessing Risk learn how risk is identified and analysed in a modern organisation with advanced techniques such as smart sensors and predictive models.

ARM 402 – Successfully Treating Risk understand how risk is treated in modern organisations with advanced techniques to avoid, retain, transfer, and modify risk, as well as benefit from the upside of risk. Also covered is the ability of emerging technology to reduce or prevent the negative effects of risk.

In addition, students are required to complete one Ethics course.  Ethical behaviour is crucial to preserving not only the trust in risk management. Accordingly, all Institutes’ designations have an ethics requirement, which is online and free of charge.

Airmic is also delighted to be planning future classroom-based sessions later this year to further prepare you to take, and pass, the course examinations.  Watch this space for further details and developments!

But, you can start your learning journey now so don’t wait. 

Sign up for the ARM courses now. Use code ‘SAVE25’ to get 25% off the cost of your course materials!

Not sold yet? You can sample the ARM programme free with a three day mini course delivered right to your inbox! Sign up for the mini course at