Airmic Talks: Considerations for insurance managers during COVID-19

Published on Thu, 09/04/2020 - 12:37

In the third episode of the Airmic Talks podcast, Richard is joined by Felix Ukaegbu, Risk Management Coverage Leader at Marsh, to discuss the key considerations for insurance managers to consider at this stage in responding to disruption and losses arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

In the episode, Mr Ukaegbu goes through the types of policies that may be relevant for insurance managers to check and the importance of following claims notification procedures.

“Any policy deadlines for the notification of claims, losses or circumstances that may lead to claims should still be met,” Mr Ukaegbu told Airmic Talks.

“The extent of a loss may be unclear at this stage so insurance risk managers should consider their specific insurance claims notification procedues including any time limits and consider notifying all possible policies. Many insurance policies require notification of a loss when an individual, or a group of individuals become aware of the circumstances that may lead to a loss.”

The episode begins with Julia Graham, Deputy CEO and Technical Director, providing an update from the Airmic team on how the Association has transitioned to a fully virtual operation and offering.

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