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Airmic Talks: Boardroom diversity, parametric insurance, climate resilience

Published on Fri, 09/10/2020 - 11:28

The authors of the top dissertations from Airmic’s 2019 Leadership Programme, delivered in partnership with the Business School at City, University of London (formerly known as Cass Business School), discussed their work in the latest episode of Airmic Talks.

The dissertations written by Hermione Winterton, Nataliya Todorova and Stuart Turner have also been published on the Airmic website as part of the Airmic white paper series.

Ms Winterton’s paper, Diversity of thought in the boardroom: An antidote to groupthink?,

was awarded the distinction of best dissertation by the Airmic assessment panel for the 2019 Airmic Leadership Programme.

In the paper, she explores the phenomenon of groupthink, and examines research on the power of diversity of thought, before making some recommendations on what corporate boards need to do to adopt it.

In Nataliya Todorova’s paper, Dealing with the Global Resilience Challenge Resulting from Climate Change The Critical Role of the Risk Professional, she examines the need for a holistic approach to risk management, risk reduction and risk financing of natural disasters, and the critical role of the risk professional in analysing these risks and putting together mitigation and financing strategies, with a case study of Bulgaria and the European Union.

The dissertation Parametric insurance Policies: Do they have to be weather-related?, was written by Stuart Turner. He highlights non-weather related parametric policies which have started to be introduced including for flight delays, reputation, footfall, and gestational diabetes and pandemic related risks.