Airmic partnerships add more value with three new additions

Published on Thu, 23/09/2021 - 13:28

Riskonet, SRS Europe and Mactavish are the latest partnerships forged by Airmic in recent months

Airmic’s partner relationships are growing at a pace, with three new arrivals to the expanding partner directory of risk and insurance organisations in recent months.

Three firms have recently joined, starting with Riskonet, a risk engineering firm, which became a Preferred Service Partner (PSP) in July 2021.

This was followed by two new partnerships with MacTavish, one of the UK’s leading experts on insurance governance, which became an Associate Partner in September, and SRS Europe, who provide management and consulting services to the insurance and alternative risk financing industry, including captives, which became a PSP the same month.

“As the world and our industry, emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, new challenges and opportunities abound,” Alex Frost, Airmic’s market development manager, tells Airmic News.

“With the relentless rise of climate related catastrophes posing risks to our tangible property, and the continued impact of the harsh market affecting the availability and affordability of insurance, Airmic has expanded its partnership to bring in new service providers with resources on topics such as risk engineering and captive management in the form of Riskonet and Strategic Risk Services Europe,” he says.

“Moreover, the addition of insurance consultancy Mactavish to our Associate Partnership will boost our ability to analyse and better understand the changing nature and purpose of the insurance industry and its role in supporting membership organisations,” Alex adds.

All three organisations have spoken of the benefits of partnerships.

Ron de Bruijn, Partner, Riskonet, commented: “In the context of our new partnership, we at Riskonet are delighted to have the opportunity to offer to Airmic members the benefits of our unique risk-engineering proposition. We are fully convinced that a great future awaits this methodology and that all stakeholders in an insurance proposition will be able to reap the rewards.”

Derek Bridgeman, Managing Director, SRS Europe, continued: “SRS are delighted to formalise this partnership and look forward to being able to fully explore with your members the benefits that an independent insurance manager can bring to all aspects of the risk financing discussion.”

Heidi Carslaw ACII, Managing Director, Mactavish, also commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with Airmic and are looking forward to playing an active role in the community. Our belief in the importance of high standards of risk and insurance management are a perfect fit with Airmic’s mission and role.

“After the challenges of the last year, we feel that it is more important than ever that companies and organisations of all types have access to high quality and technically sound expertise and we are hoping that we can add a unique and valuable perspective to the conversation,” she added.

More partnerships are in the pipeline. Email Alex to learn about Airmic partner directory opportunities.