Airmic members show support for AIG’s risk management programme

Published on Thu, 09/04/2020 - 14:06

While Airmic leads and facilitates a wide range of educational courses for risk and insurance professionals, the Association is keen to recognise some of the highly valued content provided by our partners.

The AIG Risk Management Academy (ARMA) brings together risk and insurance managers from the UK and Europe for a unique educational programme designed to provide the tools and knowledge to bring their performance to new levels.

The 2019 cohort of ARMA delegates joined Airmic at its annual dinner in November and members of the association shared their experiences with Airmic News.

Kathryn Wallin, Director of Risk Management, Europe at Marriott Hotels International, and an Airmic board member, says the deep dives into peer practice, detailed case studies and the high quality of speakers ensure there are “no topics off bounds” and the programme includes a good balance between risk and insurance content.

Alan Middleton, Insurance Director at KPMG, tells Airmic News: “I found the most valuable aspects were the fantastic insights into the evolving risk environment, practical learnings that were coupled with real life examples from a variety of peers and the quality of speakers who covered a broad range of topics from geopolitics, insurance, risk management, technology, legal risks and Brexit.”

Mr Middleton adds that he appreciates the collaboration with risk and insurance managers from across the continent. “I also learnt of different views and ways of approaching risk management and insurance challenges, which I don’t feel would have been the same if it was a purely UK focused programme.”

The peer networking is also highlighted by Lisa Meredith, Group Senior Insurance and Risk Manager, Selfridges Group. “The most valuable aspect of ARMA was the ability to collaborate with a diverse group of peers and really get into practical discussion about the “how”, not just the “what”,” Lisa says. “The focus was always on how to create value in our own organisations and this provided tangible take-away actions.”

Ms Wallin adds: “The value AIG brings to the course is their commitment to the industry and keen desire to support the career journey of the next generation of risk leaders. Their willingness to put their own agenda to one side and ‘listen’ to the needs of their customers. We were able to shape the agenda and content for sessions.”

Charlie Kitson, Head of Client Engagement, International at AIG, tells Airmic News: "The ARMA programme continues to receive outstanding feedback as a leading educational programme. Much of this feedback relates to the high quality of the speakers and the tailor-made agenda, which is created in partnership between the risk manager delegates and AIG. In this regard, ARMA continues to attract a large number of risk professionals from across UK & Europe, as they strive to become the ‘leading risk managers of tomorrow."

The ARMA course is split into three modules and runs over a 12-month period, with the next programme due to commence towards the end of 2020.

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