Airmic launches major project to analyse future of risk management profession

Members asked to take part in high-profile study

Airmic has announced a major new project – which will be the most influential research ever conducted of the UK risk management profession – based on a comprehensive survey of its membership as well as qualitative discussions with partners and other external organisations with an interest in risk management.

According to the association, the role of the risk manager is undergoing a huge transformation as the profession responds to the rapidly changing business landscape and increasing complexity of risks in an environment of greater corporate governance demands and transparency.

The association believes that traditional approaches to risk management do not effectively address these issues, and will use the findings of the research to understand how risk managers can respond today to help them prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

The 15-minute anonymous survey will be sent to members in March. The results will be revealed during a plenary session at the annual Airmic conference in Birmingham in June. There will also be a conference seminar analysing the results in more detail.

The research will be conducted by specialist research company, Longitude.