Airmic launches Competency Framework

Published on Thu, 09/04/2020 - 14:29

Disruption is the new norm and no industry is exempt from change. Life is faster, more complex and connected, more challenging - and more exciting! Although technology will facilitate change, people will drive the decisions that will drive change.

This context creates new risks and new opportunities and demands a shift in emphasis for the risk professional to ensure they are better aligned with business priorities, professionally ‘fit for the future’, and more effective in stakeholder engagement.

Therefore, at the Fast-Track Forum on 10th March, Airmic were delighted to launch the new Airmic Competency Framework for Risk Management Professionals which provides a clear and easy to use path to help them navigate their career and build on their capabilities, skills and behaviours.

Centred on a Professional Journey, the Airmic Competency Framework provides a structure that describes and defines the competencies required by individuals in any risk management role. It sets performance benchmarks which can be used to identify knowledge and skills gaps at an individual or organisational level, and individuals can apply the performance benchmarks to the various stages of their career.

By linking competency levels to job roles and responsibilities, individuals can identify the knowledge and skills they need in order to progress both within their current job and future jobs, either within their own or another organisation.

Focusing on four components – (1) Core Capabilities, (2) Risk Management Attainment, (3) Technical Proficiency, and (4) Behaviours - with their constituent elements clearly explained, the Competency Framework maps out how to effectively apply the capabilities and competencies. 

As Airmic moves forward with its ambitious learning programme, the Competency Framework will start to feature at the heart of everything the Association does and will become an integral element of every learning opportunity offered, built into the learning outcomes and content at all times, with each learning intervention demonstrating clearly how it links to the competencies in the Framework.

You can find out more about the Competency Framework here.