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Airmic Fest: Achieve full value by exploring the Exhibitor Zone

Published on Fri, 09/10/2020 - 10:43

The Airmic Fest Exhibitor zone remains open for delegates to explore and make the most of a wealth of resources despite the event coming to a close. More than 50 interactive booths featuring videos, white papers and guides are available to browse.

The virtual nature of Airmic Fest provides delegates the opportunity to explore the full range of exhibitors in their own time well after the live event finish in September. The Exhibitor Zone is live now and will remain open until March 2021 for anyone who is registered.

“Our virtual Exhibitor Zone has provided Airmic partners with an opportunity to showcase their intellectual capital and valued resources on a range of hot topics,” Susi Ozkurt, Event Manager, tells Airmic News.

“I would encourage Airmic members, partners and all delegates to continue checking in with the Exhibitor Zone to ensure they achieve maximum value from their registration. Airmic Fest did not finish on 24 September, there remains so much more for delegates to take from it.”

The Airmic Fest platform remains opens until March 2021. Access remains free for those who are already registered. For those who had not registered previously, there is now a £50+VAT charge to access the platform.