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Since March 2020, Airmic has been issuing Friday Reading, a curated series of readings and knowledge resources sent by email to Airmic members. The objective of Airmic Friday Reading was initially to keep members informed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, Airmic Friday Reading has evolved in scope to include content on a wide range of subjects with each email edition following a theme. This page is a searchable archive of all the readings and knowledge resources that have been shared.

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Friday Reading Edition 74 (11th September 2021)
The coronavirus pandemic has impacted terrorism worldwide like any other area of human activity. Public health restrictions seem to have played a key role in shaping the threat in 2020, mainly by limiting it. Outside of conflict zones, incidents that have occurred have most commonly been lone attackers, reflecting a more situationally suppressed threat.
International SOS: Security Podcast Series
Friday Reading Edition 62 (11th June 2021)
A situation update from International SOS Security managers on Israel and the Palestinian territories.
[Free to read upon providing contact details] China and Russia have been sending millions of doses of coronavirus vaccines to (mostly) developing states in recent months. Vaccine diplomacy deals are different from regular contracts between pharmaceutical companies and governments: vaccine diplomacy deals are concluded between two sovereign states, making them (geo)political rather than business-oriented deals.
Friday Reading Edition 47 (26th February 2021)
Reflecting on the past year, 2020 has demonstrated the absolute necessity of risk-based decision-making in achieving our strategies, especially when confronting volatile scenarios and global risk impacts. The 2021 IRMSA Risk Report unpacks these learnings as well as the competencies we need to be successful and risk resilient organisations. It highlights the integrated strategic risk and resilience mindset.
Friday Reading Edition 41 (15th January 2021)
The CBI’s online hub for understanding more about the changes that affect your business and what you need to do to adjust your operations and ensure you comply with the new rules from 1 January 2021.
McKinsey & Co
Friday Reading Edition 9 (22nd May 2020)
Results from the latest McKinsey Global Survey on the economy point to an improving outlook – executives are much likelier now than in April or March (2020) to expect improving conditions and increased growth rates in the months ahead.