Supply Chain risk part 2: how can hidden risks be understood?

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Global trade covers trillions of dollars of stock movements annually.   External factors can disrupt these supply chains.  For example, the Tohoku earthquake and flooding in Thailand had an estimated USD 45bn effect on certain sectors.   In practice complex networks of suppliers make up the route to market of the many of worlds goods.  Most risk managers admit they do not know the full details of their suppliers leading to surprises when disaster strikes.

This joint talk between Lloyd’s and AIR will:

  • Illustrate multiple scenarios leading to supply chain disruption
  • Explain how financial modelling can be carried out despite gaps in understanding the supply network
  • Briefly describe some methods of financial risk transfer including some innovative new insurance products

This talk is relevant for risk managers seeking to understand their supply chains, those wishing to learn more about scenario analysis and methods of modelling the risk to gain greater insight.

Learning objectives are to understand:

  • several key scenarios that can lead to supply chain disruption
  • methods of modelling supply chain risks
  • options for financial risk transfer

Dr Trevor Maynard,  Head of Innovation, Lloyd’s
Brent Poliquin, Vice President, Strategy, AIR

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Supply chain