Supply Chain Part 1 - Understanding & Managing

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Effective supply chain management is fundamental to ensuring your business is resilient and can deliver against your businesses objectives.

This session is relevant for anyone with responsibility for the management of risks to their supply chain within their business, as well as anyone contributing to the resilience of supply chain operations, such as supply chain management, procurement, CSR..

Learning objectives/ outcomes

  • Enable attendees to understand the importance of effective supply chain risk management
  • Give attendees a clear understanding how todays AI enabled SC risk management tools, risk management expertise and CBI insurance should be considered together for the management and protection of their supply chain
  • Inform the audience on the practicalities of how to build a resilient supply chain and demonstrate the benefits of an integrated supply chain
  • Give attendees real life examples of a solid crisis response in the context of supply chain management

Dr Otto Kocsis – Principal Business Interruption & Resilience, Zurich Commercial Insurance
Alex Mitchell – Property Team Leader, Zurich Commercial Insurance
Iain Bell – Director, Major Risks Practice
Dr Gerold Knight – Group Chief Risk Officer

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Supply chain