fastTrack - Complex claims and scenario analysis

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Whether you are a small medium enterprise or a large global business you will face unique challenges when you experience a complex loss. Being able to manage and quickly respond to rapidly changing events is critical. Managing loss costs, protecting your company’s reputation and reducing business interruption after a large loss is essential for sustained profitability. Pre-loss scenario analysis and planning can assist with creating certainty.

The workshop is designed to take you through several complex losses exploring the key issues that you and your business could experience.

On completion of the workshop attendees will also understand:

  • The importance of pre-loss scenario workshops
  • Why collaborative relationships with both internal and external stakeholders is crucial
  • The importance of clearly established and documented claims procedures

The workshop is aimed at Airmic members who are relatively new to insurance and risk management

Arianna Dean, head of energy claims
Matthew Porter, executive adjuster, construction
Jonathan Jones, property major loss
Chrissy Smith, global customer claims executive

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