Risk Best Practice part 3

Wednesday, 10 June, 2020

This is a session aimed at risk managers across all sectors. Each session will be introduced by an expert who will look at why the risk area is such a hot topic and why risk managers need to have the issue on their radar. This will be followed by an open discussion which will allow the audience to share experiences and best practice with their peers. The expert will then round up with advice on how a risk manager can move their company and best practice from ‘good’ to ‘better’.

The session will cover the following risk areas:

10 June - Getting the balance right; this topic will be led by Jo Dooley, Allen & Overy. Globalisation and the move towards the 24/7 culture means that companies are forced to adapt to keep up. The expert will look at how companies can strike the right balance of supporting client needs while at the same time supporting the personal needs of their staff.

Attendees will leave the academy sessions with a toolkit to take back to their places of work that will help them move their best practice in these areas from good to better.


  • Imran Shah, Chief Risk Officer, Travelers Insurance Designated Activity Company
  • Davis Kessler; Cyber product manager, Travelers
  • Jo Dooley, Allen & Overy, Head of Talent
Grouping title: 
Risk best practice