fastTrack: Risk Culture in today’s business world

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As we navigate our way out of COVID-19 we face a new and possibly more challenging risk landscape. This webinar introduces the subject of risk culture in today’s business world, explores the regulatory requirements surrounding risk management and considers the question of how a common approach can be established across the business.

During the course of the webinar we will

  • review the regulatory requirements pertaining to risk management
  • touch on the subject of risk appetite
  • discuss if and how a common approach can be established across the business
  • explore how you can contribute to that conversation and develop risk culture in your organisation.

The event is aimed at managers tasked with implementing and delivering enterprise risk management within their organisations and will provide the following learning outcomes, participants will:

  • broaden their understanding of risk cultures
  • refresh their knowledge of regulatory requirements
  • gain insight into risk appetite
  • gather some ideas on how to approach risk within their business
Grouping title: 
Risk culture webinar series