Risk financing optimisation by using data & analytics, part 1

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As companies across industries are facing unprecedented business challenges, with cash flow and risk capacity being stressed for some to survival levels, retuning insurance strategies to match new exposures and constrained budgets in a further hardening insurance market has never been more pressing. Willis Towers Watson’s global risk financing experts, will share thoughts through case studies on how advanced analytics combined with technology is delivering the solution corporations need today to combat these historical challenges.

Split in two sessions, we will explore how Risk professionals can reset their risk strategy and leverage Analytics to better align to their companies’ financial imperatives:

Session 1 will focus on how to design a risk strategy, leveraging a comprehensive portfolio approach to risk, and help Risk/Insurance Managers break through the hard market who need superior information than markets to achieve positive results and set a new tone ahead of renewal discussions to take control and allow them to exercise fully their client arbitrage.

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Risk financing