Resilient people - resilient business

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Risk intelligence and the culture it draws on is the glue that holds the risk management infrastructure together and plugs the gaps in the framework. There will always be gaps, but how well people respond to these and bounce back into shape after distracting or disruptive events can govern whether an organisation will survive, dive, or thrive.

The session will look at this people-focussed theme of resilience through three stages:

  • Pre-event: approaches to building a resilient workforce
  • During the event: supporting individuals in times of uncertainty and disruption
  • After the event: returning to ‘normal’ and learning from the experience

This session will include presentations by, and panel discussion between the speakers, and an open Q&A session with the audience to conclude.  Content ranges from high level cultural aspects to more specific employment practices and operational tactics so will suit a wide range of risk-focused minds from C-Suite to team leaders.  

Some aspects of the discussion will deal with the Covid19 pandemic specifically, others will be more generic so that learning can be applied in different circumstances. 


  • Deborah O'Riordan: Practice Leader, Risk Solutions (Financial Lines) 
  • Dave Dexter: Practice Leader, Risk Solutions (Casualty)
  • Adam Shelverton: Claims Rehabilitation Manager
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